Jianye · cloud situation — expressing the future with architecture

Huangchuan Jianye Yunjing does not write history, only creates history, does not repeat the past, and only surpasses the past.

29 years of high-end boutique life, Jianye represents the most perfect creation and guidance.

The city is not bright.

The bright world elegance is as bright as a diamond.

The effect picture of the new chapter of Huangchuan habitat 29 contains gene precipitation boutique creators who admire the world   The world’s most perfect works come from the most perfect superiority.

In this era, everyone is writing their own history.

It is as bright as a diamond.

The cutting-edge aesthetics of the dialogue era endows Huangchuan with a unique urban cover, creating a sense of ceremony, order and luxury and elegance with a central axis symmetrical shape, presenting the architectural beauty of line and light and shadow dancing in the city core, Build a new artistic residential cover of the city — renderings 02 glass breast board diameter high-level taste of the city, carry the ambition and ambition of urban cover architecture, extract the architectural essence of global praise, strive to build a city’s aesthetic cover with classic architectural rhythm, and create a beautiful skyline to simple and elegant aesthetics, Endow the buildings with distinguished and noble temperament — effect photo 03 the architectural aesthetics of light and shadow is harmonious.

Compared with the residents in the colorful neon city core, they are more interested in retaining the natural light and shadow.

They become public buildings with beautiful scenery in the city.

The beautiful renderings live in the complex world.

The building facade is integrated into the urban texture craftsman’s architectural aesthetics that matches the times.

Rendering 01 extreme aesthetics overlaps new art residential cover construction · cloud environment.

They travel between light and shadow, build in the cloud environment, seek light and build.

Halfen Frimeda

The buildings reflecting the color of light and shadow are skillfully integrated into nature, and they are like “three-dimensional poetry” growing in nature on a thousand mu market Under the night, the city’s charm is finely carved.

Open the rich natural beauty to life, make light the subject of architecture and write life into the light and shadow story.

Jianye group always adheres to the principle of “only customization and no reproduction”, integrates the urban context with the humanistic spirit, constantly breaks itself, creates epoch-making architectural coordinates, and strives to make each work become the top cover representing the direction of the urban center.

However, what can reflect history has always been great works.

When it is sunny, it reflects the light and cloud shadow of the sky.


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