How to choose wood grain decorative panel for building facade?

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Shengtani decorative colored paper has the advantages of plates • it has a variety of colors and textures to choose from, and can be matched with different surface effect treatments • it is firm, impact resistant, light in quality, and the density is 1.4g/cm ³, Less than half of rock products • it has excellent craftsmanship and can create any shape by drilling, knocking, sanding, guiding and cutting • simple and time-saving installation • acid and alkali resistance, can resist weak acid and alkali in general environment • moisture, high temperature, moth and mold resistance • stable color, UV radiation resistance • long service life, long durability It can achieve self-cleaning and avoid later maintenance by rain washing.

Thickness: 8mm   10mm suntani decorative color paper plate conventional surface treatment: Pearl suede conventional standard thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other thickness conventional standard size: 1220mmx2440mm; 1220x3050mm; The installation of 1220mm x3660mm sunny outdoor decorative board needs to adopt ventilation rain curtain system, and a ventilation cavity must be reserved between the board and the insulation layer (Figure source: Sunny) This installation system can effectively prevent the erosion of moisture and rain on the wall and insulation layer, and the existence of ventilation chamber can effectively prevent the loss of heat, achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy conservation, and create a comfortable living environment.

What are your requirements if you want to use wood grain decorative panels on the building facade? First of all, there should be realistic wood grain texture, durability, weather resistance, easy installation and maintenance free for outdoor applications.

In order to enrich the facade effect, the designer has designed different styles of windows on all sides, and the keel added outward is covered with high-pressure heat curing wood fiberboard The wood grain texture on the panel enhances the texture of the building in simplicity.

What is high-pressure heat curing wood fiberboard? It is a kind of high-tech, green and environment-friendly building wall decoration material.

If you pursue the performance advantages of natural veneer, the surface of shengtini natural veneer series products adopts natural veneer and retains the natural texture of wood.

The high-pressure heat curing wood fiberboard is divided into natural veneer series and decorative color paper series.

What materials can meet these conditions at one time?   one   What is high-pressure heat curing wood fiberboard? The newly completed facade of the archives of Beijing Forestry University is applied to an artificial decorative board.

After proprietary technology treatment, the veneer can adapt to various outdoor environments, with the characteristics of waterproof, sunlight resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and weather resistance, Stable physical properties of plate (source: Sunny)   two   Specification, size and installation method natural veneer Series A: flat product specification: 1220 * 2440mm, thickness: 8mm   10mm   12mmb: external corner plate / internal corner plate product specification: 150 * 150 * 2440mm, thickness: 3mm6mm8mm10mmc: curved panel product specification: developed area: 1220 * 2440.

The high-pressure heat curing wood fiberboard archives itself is a regular square volume.

In this case, the surface color paper of sunny decorative color paper series products reaches the outdoor sun resistance standard and is covered with anti UV UV film The durability of shengtani colored paper series products for outdoor use can realize various textures such as imitation wood grain, stone grain and cloth grain to meet the different design effects of designers.

The installation methods of plates with different thickness are different.

The 8mm / 6mm thick plate open nail system ▼ (Figure source: Sunny) 10mm thick plate back hanging system ▼ (source: Sonny)..


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