Transfer information of construction enterprises in October (with certificate)

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Recently, a number of construction engineering enterprises have sought equity cooperation   Interested parties please communicate and contact the recommended purchase information of key targets in time (I) details: purchase of grade I lighting qualification in Sichuan Province (can be transferred with other disciplines) qualification: Grade I lighting qualification cooperation mode: 100% equity transfer purchase information (II) details: purchase of grade a supervision qualification companies nationwide, trans provincial separation qualification: Grade a housing construction supervision qualification Cooperation mode of class a qualification of Municipal Supervision: inter provincial division and purchase information (III) details: purchase of class a qualification company of supervision nationwide, with performance, no construction in progress, overall transfer qualification: Class A qualification of housing construction supervision and class a qualification of municipal supervision cooperation mode: 100% equity transfer purchase information (IV) details: purchase of class B qualification of urban and rural planning nationwide, with qualification of more than 3 years, With some performance, whole transfer qualification: Class B qualification for urban and rural planning cooperation mode: 100% equity transfer purchase information (V) details: Class II qualification for house purchase and construction: Class B qualification for urban and rural planning cooperation mode: 100% equity transfer purchase information (VI) details: whole transfer of Municipal first-class companies nationwide, Personnel, equipment, assets and other qualifications required: Level I qualification of municipal engineering cooperation mode: 100% equity transfer purchase information (VII) details: Level I qualification of fire protection in Shanxi Province, division or overall transfer qualification in Shanxi Province: Level I qualification of fire protection engineering cooperation mode: division or overall transfer of equity in Shanxi Province   01 southwest housing construction Municipal level-1 company region: Southwest qualification: Construction Engineering level-1 qualification and municipal engineering level-1 qualification cooperation mode: separate transfer of two qualifications in the province (only in the province)   02 East China first level steel structure company region: East China subsidiary qualification: first level steel structure qualification cooperation mode: whole transfer   03 profile of northeast housing construction supervision class a company: Northeast qualification: Construction Supervision class a cooperation mode: stripping and transfer 04 profile of Shenzhen Urban Lighting class I qualification company: Shenzhen qualification: urban lighting class I qualification with safety and license cooperation mode: overall transfer 05 profile of northeast housing construction class II Company: Northeast qualification: Housing construction class II decoration class II fire control class II cooperation mode: overall transfer 06 Ningxia City Company profile of political level II: Ningxia qualification: municipal level II with performance cooperation mode: stripping transfer (can be stripped across provinces) 07 company profile of Shandong steel structure level II Qualification: Shandong qualification: steel structure level II qualification cooperation mode: stripping qualification (can be stripped across provinces) 08 company profile of Huazhong tunnel level I bridge level I qualification: Huazhong qualification: tunnel level I Bridge level-1 cooperation mode: divestiture and transfer (can be divested across provinces) 09 profile of Southwest supervision double-A company: Southwest qualification: Municipal Level-A supervision, housing construction Level-A supervision cooperation mode: overall transfer 10 profile of Shenzhen: Shenzhen qualification: Decoration level-1 qualification cooperation mode: overall transfer (can be absorbed and merged) more enterprise transfer information integration contact information manager Liu 18280454878 (same wechat number) manager Tang 19158803697 (same wechat number) cold manager 13018223165 (same wechat number) manager Xiao 18059099096 (same wechat number) manager Lei 13018253382 (same wechat number) welcome to consult ~ don’t go away when the article is over ✎   Important information October 13 project bidding announcement October construction enterprise transfer information 20-21 successful cases show the company’s main business: transfer and acquisition of national qualified construction enterprises; separation, translation, absorption and merger of national construction qualification inside and outside the province; maintenance of national construction, design and supervision qualification; upgrading of general contracting qualification to two, upgrading of special contracting qualification to one; new qualification; supplementary record of class a performance National construction talent recruitment.

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