[Jianlibao] Jianlibao (original)

When you finish drinking the water you brought, you will be in a bad mood at two o’clock in the afternoon.

At more than three o’clock, the neighbor drove the meal.

    In the 1970s, there were two major events in rural areas: summer harvest and autumn harvest.

    Jianlibao is remembered to be related to the harvest of wheat in the countryside in summer.

First take the kettle to the ground, and then take beer to quench your thirst.

    When the wheat connecting rod is pulled to the yard with the production team as the unit, it will be lively.

The more accessible beverage is Jianlibao.

The water is sweet and the sky is blue.

Whoever picks up wheat belongs to who.

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I remember Jianlibao first and then the sports clothing brand – Li Ning brand.

    Later, he broke away from agricultural labor and went to school in the city.

If you don’t go, you will be hungry and thirsty, anxious and “manic”.

The urgency can be heard from the hurried cry.

Later, I learned that it was “magic water” produced in Sanshui District, Foshan City.

In the morning, go to the field to manually cut the wheat at the end of the field with a sickle – so that the machine can turn well at the end of the field without destroying the grain, and then wait for the harvester to reach the end of the field.

Ten miles and eight villages, the animals began to disappear.

Because of excessive reliance on pesticides, the output increased, but the river was polluted.

The child who rubbed his eyes bitterly and delayed was also walking on the dirt road…

On the road, from time to time, the sound of driving animals came from behind, and with the horse’s hooves rushing from far to near, and then “stepping” to the distance.

     In the past, happiness was very simple; Now, simple and happy.

    In the late 1980s and 1990s, agricultural machinery was used for summer and autumn harvests.

We call bicycles or “foreign cars” here.

In the fields and on the busy road of pulling wheat poles, primary school students and old people turn to the basket to pick up wheat.

The smell of orange was suddenly remembered.

Most of them ring everywhere except that the bell doesn’t ring.

    When I graduated from junior high school, I was busy farming and harvesting wheat.

The sweet feeling is still aftertaste.

I found a section of wheat straw as a pipe, poked the pipe in the water and drank the water.

    With the passage of time, Jianlibao, which used to be in stores, is hard to find.

The hot and dry throat was stimulated by cool drinks, and immediately felt very refreshing.

If the conditions are good, I will put saccharin in the water.

Naughty, naughty and playful, my little partner and I will secretly follow the wheat pole pulling car to pull down a lot in order to complete the task quickly, so as to complete the “task” early – now think about how “shameful” the “Gang” and “crime” this is! Then there is catching fish and playing glass balls by the river, or throwing mud,…

When you get up late, you pedal your bicycle and roar up and down in the ruts of the dirt road.

When the basket was full, he poured it into the woven bag and continued to look for it.

You don’t have to look back to know that the “rash ghost” is riding here.

Every two seasons, the countryside will be boiling: the school will have a holiday, the teachers will carry farm tools to the fields, the old farmers will call the animals to pull up different agricultural materials such as chemical fertilizer to the fields early in the morning, the peasant women will feed the chickens with rice and the pigs with nagging…

Therefore, they look along the Wheat Ridge and along the roadside.

We were very simple and happy at that time! A popsicle can make a happy day! Thinking of the thirst quenching thing at that time, I pumped water from the well, took an iron bucket and sent the water to the scene.

    Jianlibao is endorsed by Li Ning.

Just jump outside the ruts and hide     At first, when I was thirsty, I would go to the river to blow the water and drink the river; Or, lie on the head of the pump that is pumping water…

My neighbors worked together.

There is “beer” in the car, and Jianlibao, tinned, very advanced.

Drink, I love Jianlibao, it is not only a taste, but also a memory..

There are a variety of drinks in the freezer, but the only thing that can remember and be interested in is Jianlibao.

Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001     Every time I go home after drinking, I will go to the 24-hour convenience store at the door of the community and buy only one thing – Jianlibao.

With the increase of income, people no longer drink raw water.

There are no cattle on the dirt road, but more motorized tricycles.

Generally, parents will give their children a “task” – take half of the woven bag home, otherwise they “have no food”.


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