[jianjiantong] wine (original)

As a result, the four wines from Fengzi 3 years, Fengzi 6 years, Fengzi 9 years and Fengzi 15 years were quickly drunk.

As a result, the goods not only changed, but also gave me this sentence.

However, I still say I don’t like Erguotou and Maotai.

Let me drink Maotai flavor wine.

Maybe my happiness is just a little pursuit.

I only buy and give it to my friends and rarely drink it, but I drink this kind of wine every time with their manufacturer friends.

    There is no need to express your appreciation of your performance, and not appreciating your performance will only increase your disgust.

In the past, unit leaders liked to drink Erguotou, which is also the amount of wine practiced through Erguotou.

Years are quiet, people are middle-aged, and more are: Tasting people, talking about things, drinking a little wine, only subtraction, not addition.

I really can’t stand it.

The ability to drink! Often outside of drinking.

He called me and asked me for my address.

He also wants to gather a wine stall to show his performance.

    With the passage of time, you can basically make a choice between what you drink, what you don’t drink, how much you drink, and who you drink with, and basically eliminate meaningless Wine Bureau.

Lao Yin is also one of my friends worth hundreds of millions.

The result is not that at all.

    Three or five old friends, a pot of old wine, a plate of pepper and a can of beverage.

Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001     Drink.

    After drinking? Drink a cold Jianlibao.

    Later, Lao Yin said that he also told a friend that he didn’t like drinking Maotai.

Soon, four pieces of “Fengzi wine” were in place, he said, drinking and comparing.

Instead, there are more friends and confidants.

If you don’t drink it up and don’t dry your mouth, there’s no problem with your stomach the next day – good wine.

It’s just an introduction.

Flat Steel Anchor

Since then, Maotai flavor wine has become my first choice.

As a result, the friend took out a bottle of Maotai for 30 years and said to Lao Yin: do you know why you don’t like Maotai? Lao Yin said, it’s hard to drink! I can’t drink.

So far, Erguotou Wine has no new breakthrough.

I tried.

For a long time, not too exclusive, perhaps the villagers’ feelings have narrowed the distance.

There are not many people who can talk about this product and change his cognition.

    I hate Erguotou flavor wine and Maotai flavor wine.

The worst time was when three people shared a bottle of Erguotou Wine and vomited as soon as they took a bite.

From then on, Lao Yin no longer insisted on not drinking when she met Maotai.

With age, I don’t drink much, but I feel dizzy for a long time.

I don’t know whether it’s drunk or people’s drinking capacity has decreased.

I get drunk every time.

That sentence is: Maotai is a national liquor.

    My elder brother Cai Fang and Xin Cai made a wine — Maotai platinum wine.

Yan is thin and fat.

    What you drink is not wine, but friendship and taste.

My old friend Liu Guofu paid attention to me.

She is also my life mentor and a good friend I talk about.

I admire her for doing things and being a man.

The reason why you are not used to it is because you are poor!     As a result, we drank Shuijingfang customized by Lao Yin with a smile that day.

The friend said a word.

As long as you smell the taste of these two wines, your throat is too uncomfortable to swallow.

Most of the time, I bask more at dinners and after drinking.

Yes, food and wine.

Maintain an inertia, irrational inertia, this is the real self – Innocence, self-confidence, reliable, inspiring words, and blatant…

    I’m cheerful and hospitable and love to bask in my circle of friends.


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