[architectural communication] what are the reserved and embedded contents of civil air defense works? Sort out the summary and don’t miss

Requirements for reserved casing gb50134-2004: Note: the casing and wing ring shall be fully welded, the inner and outer sides of the casing shall be derusted, and two layers of antirust paint shall be applied for internal measurement.

at ordinary times, the ventilation duct shall not pass through the air defense facing wall and unit partition wall.

Before construction, carefully analyze each external wall, free wall and unit partition wall in combination with peacetime and wartime drawings and structural drawings, and carefully study each wartime functional room (mainly closed channel, poison filtering room, wartime machine room, diesel power station, etc.), without leaving any casing.

In general, the civil air defense protection unit and fire protection unit are designed to overlap, so the air duct generally does not pass through the civil air defense closed wall.

After the formwork is removed, the exposed casing shall be painted with antirust paint for protection.

The water supply and drainage, pressure drainage, fire fighting and spraying main pipes shall be reserved and embedded through the unit partition wall, free wall, external wall and other casings.

Note: the casing can be 10cm out of the wall or flush with the wall as a sealing rib.

The air tight measuring tube (07fk02-60) is 5cm out of the wall, and both ends are threaded and blocked.

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Concealed wiring pipe sealing treatment 5.

Bolt Anchor


The first kind of treatment for pipeline passing through closed partition wall: the pipeline passes through the closed partition wall of the protection unit, and valves are added in the protection area.

The pipe shall be hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and protected and sealed.

Key points for attention of explosion-proof floor drain: data (certificate and inspection report); It is 5-10mm lower than the survival surface of the building, and the drainage pipe is galvanized steel pipe with wire connection.


The construction contents of wartime civil air defense electrical reservation include: ① reserved casing on civil air defense door; ② Reserved conduit for explosion-proof wave cable well; ③ Grounding of civil air defense door and door frame; ④ Closed treatment of concealed wiring pipe; ⑤ Explosion proof button.


The reserved conduit for explosion-proof wave cable well shall be set for the outdoor incoming line, and the explosion-proof wave cable well shall be set close to the outside of the outer wall.

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The following is an interpretation based on engineering examples for your reference and implementation.

Reserved casing on civil air defense door note: 4-6 spare pipes with pipe diameter of 50-80mm and pipe wall thickness of not less than 2.5mm shall be embedded on the door frame wall of protective closed door and closed door at inlet and outlet and communication port.


The second kind: the pipeline passes through the closed partition wall of the protection unit, and valves are added at both ends.

The differential pressure measuring pipe (07fk02-58) is 5cm out of the wall, and both ends are threaded and blocked.

Explosion proof button (must be set next to the main entrance Department) 2.

The third kind: the pipeline passes through the inner side of the outer wall protection area, and valves are added.

In addition to the number of through wall pipes required by the design, 4-6 spare pipes shall be reserved for expansion.


When the air duct enters the closed partition wall at ordinary times, the embedded parts shall be embedded in the wall according to the regulations, and there must be peacetime and wartime conversion measures (removal and blocking).

Civil air defense door and door frame grounding 4.


In peacetime, the electrical equipment is mainly the bridge passing through the unit partition The casing pipe passing through the outer wall or free wall shall be reserved and embedded.


6 DN50 threading pipes shall be reserved on the closed door of the channel in wartime.

Key points: quantity; Location and elevation; Pipe diameter; Length; Method (threading, crater, derusting, painting anti-corrosion paint).

Civil air defense ventilation reservation construction contents include: ① air tight measuring pipe of closed channel; ② Differential pressure measuring tube; ③ Through wall ventilation pipe.

The through wall ventilation pipe (07fk02-48) shall be welded with 2-3mm steel plate.

The construction contents include: ① explosion-proof floor drain; ② The pipeline passes through the closed wall.

The second method: reserve three people’s air defense, water supply and drainage 10cm out of the wall.

The reserved casing of the water supply and drainage closed wall in wartime.

The first method: make sealing ribs flush with the wall.

Building communication media ID: jianzhong001 civil air defense reservation and embedding involves water supply and drainage, ventilation and electricity in wartime and peacetime.


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