[jianjiantong] “the tallest building under construction in Chongqing” has exceeded 400m!

It can accommodate 500 construction workers at the same time.

Technological intelligence ▶ Air building machine technology air building machine, fully known as the intelligent construction equipment integration platform for super high-rise construction, is jointly and independently developed by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau and three companies of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau.

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In the process of model establishment and multi-disciplinary model integration, it can also issue a detailed problem analysis report to provide reliable technical support for on-site construction.

Field positioning system based on BIM system ▶ Prefabricated reusable concrete embedded parts technology the prefabricated reusable concrete embedded parts technology is applied to the external boom tower crane for the first time in China, breaking through the traditional non weekly transformation of embedded connection form.

Recently, the main tower of Chongqing land and sea International Center Project “the tallest building under construction in Chongqing” undertaken by the Southwest Branch of China Construction Third Bureau and third company officially broke through 400m, refreshing the mountain city skyline project, with a total construction area of 524100 square meters.

After completion, it will become a new channel for the development of land and sea in Chongqing “One belt, one road”, “new logistics corridor headquarters base for Western China and sea”, and the key link of Shuangcheng economic circle in Chengdu Chongqing region are high-end business buildings (city cultural complex) which are integrated into commerce, leisure, hotels and offices.

Make 3D visual construction process flow, provide 3D visual three-dimensional disclosure for professional projects, reduce the reading threshold of construction technical drawings, enable on-site production and improve construction efficiency.

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It is the first 400m super high-rise building in Chongqing.

The fully enclosed working environment allows the construction workers to walk on the ground at a height of 100 meters, greatly improving the construction efficiency, and building a floor in three days at the fastest.

  ▶ BIM Technology relies on BIM Technology platform to establish professional models such as architecture, structure, electromechanical, steel structure, curtain wall and fine decoration.

BIM model is used for data display, process monitoring and process early warning, all-round monitoring and Simulation of construction scene, real-time grasp of the safety status of formwork system, and ensure safe production and construction accuracy.

The distance between the tower crane support frame and the wall can be adjusted, the adaptability of turnover attachments is enhanced, the repeatable turnover rate of components is 100%, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the green construction is highlighted by production practice.

It has the fully automatic synchronous deviation correction function, and the plane error does not exceed 3mm.

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