[jianjiantong] be kind to your aging self

Before he had time to be young, he became old.

Once those love and hate are insignificant compared with the daily necessities in front of me.

Count the first half of my life, enjoy the warm company, taste a person’s loneliness, experience the joy of meeting, and experience the pain of parting.

Trouble the world of mortals, since you can’t escape and hide, you should face it calmly and look at everything with an ordinary heart.

Yes, time does not stay, time does not forgive people, life is to live one day less.

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Life is your own and there is no need to flatter the eyes of others.

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At this age, don’t pursue those nihilistic things.

Life is in a hurry.

Therefore, we should learn to comfort ourselves when we are sad and warm ourselves when we are lonely.

Don’t care too much about the eyes of the people around you.

Try to follow your heart, do what you want to do and see the scenery you want to see.

02 learn to face thousands of things with an ordinary heart.

The most important thing to live is to have a happy life.

There is always a way to go alone.

In this world, no one can accompany us all the time.

Don’t please and accommodate others.

There is not much time to waste in this life.

What we grow is our age.

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Don’t ignore yourself because you are busy without time.

Be brave to pursue the life you want.

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01 don’t care too much about the eyes of the people around you.

All kinds of things in the world, whether love or friendship, come together or fall apart.

Now the age is getting older, the wind and waves have passed, and the old capital of human feelings and the world has seen clearly.

In the rest of the time, live a little free and easy and relax.

Even if the years are getting old, we can live very well, even if we are alone, we can live very lively.

You can live safely and simply.

There are always some things to be completed by ourselves.

Before he had time to say goodbye to yesterday, he was pushed forward by time.

Live as comfortable as you are.

Life can’t be all right.

What others think and think is someone else’s business, and we can’t control it.

Later, with the passage of time, I gradually found that the insipidity of flowing water is more valuable.

There is no need to be too demanding.

Fate is indifferent, gathering and parting at will; Gains and losses are bearish, comfortable and calm.

Don’t worry about unimportant things, and don’t be sad for people who are not worth it.

In this way, you can live calmly and gracefully.

What remains unchanged is to be kind to our hearts.

Face everything with an optimistic attitude.

When I was young, I was bent on pursuing romance.

We don’t care and tangle.

A lifetime, a moment.

03 take care of yourself when you are alone.

For the rest of your life, be a person who loves life and treat yourself well.

You know, it’s difficult for one person to do what hundreds of people want.


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