[jianjiantong] the robot “new worker” takes the post! Such a “smart” and safe construction site

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Compared with the traditional operation mode, construction robot can reduce the labor intensity and undertake the physical work in dangerous environment, which is safe and efficient.

In Liang Hengfeng’s view, robots improve the safety of construction sites.

Construction robots can complete some dangerous links, ensure the safety of the construction process and ensure the personal safety of construction workers.

The robot product line covers the whole cycle of project construction, including civil concrete production line robots, finishing robots, decoration robots, auxiliary robots, etc.

By using the robot to complete the exterior wall spraying operation, the potential safety hazard of falling from high-altitude operation is greatly reduced.

Returning to the original intention of developing robots, scientists want to use them to liberate their hands and help humans do some simple, repetitive and dangerous work.

For the changes brought about by the application of construction robots, the relevant project leader introduced that there are many risk factors in the traditional construction site operation: for example, the high-altitude operation of the outer wall, which used to require workers to work in the basket, not only has high-altitude hazards, but also faces the uncertain risks caused by weather changes such as strong winds.

Construction communication media ID: jianzhong001 heavy, repetitive and dangerous part of the work is completed by robots.

Now these processes are completed by robots, It effectively avoids potential safety hazards.

Liang Hengfeng, an intelligent construction industry technician, is mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of robot equipment on the construction site of country garden project, so as to ensure the normal operation of robots on the construction site.

This is no longer a “science fiction film”, but the scene of today’s smart construction site ↓↓▲ the intelligent follow-up distributor in operation ▲ the concrete robot is in the leveling and troweling work ▲ the construction robot team work ▲ the indoor spraying robot work ▲ the “strongest brain” of the construction site In the work of measurement robot, safety production is the top priority for the construction industry.

As a leader in the field of intelligent construction, country garden established a wholly-owned subsidiary Guangdong bozhilin robot Co., Ltd.

By the end of October 2021, bozhilin has put 18 construction robots into commercial application, covering nearly 120 projects in 18 provinces, with a cumulative application construction of more than 4.5 million square meters.

Taking the exterior wall spraying robot developed by bozhilin under country garden as an example, it can be applied to the automatic spraying of the exterior wall of high-rise residential or commercial buildings.

▲ traditional manual distributor ▲ intelligent follow-up distributor Yang Guoqiang, chairman of the board of directors of country garden group, once said: “robots are an effective means to solve safety and quality problems.” at present, using robots to operate complex and dangerous jobs has mature landing experience in country garden.

Construction workers engaged in critical labor can gradually transform to intelligent construction industry technicians and work together with robots.

it will continue to cultivate in this field in the future.

(hereinafter referred to as “bozhilin”) in July 2018 to start the independent research and development of construction robots and help the safe production of construction projects.

Now, during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the construction robot will play an important role in the implementation of the new infrastructure.

It is believed that with the development of the robot industry, the construction robot will further help the safety production of the construction industry.

▲ construction robot working at height   To avoid potential safety hazards, Yan Qifan, President of bozhilin basic technology research institute, said that “ensuring construction safety” is one of the core elements of bozhilin construction robot research and development.

In early February this year, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development identified seven intelligent construction pilot projects nationwide, including Foshan Shunde Fengtong garden project developed by country garden.

▲ bozhilin intelligent manufacturing factory in September 2020, the first batch of bozhilin construction robots entered the construction site of country garden project “on duty”, which marks that the man-machine cooperative operation construction system with construction robots as the core has been officially put into use in the front line.

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The introduction of high technology has become the only way to improve the safety level of real estate and construction industry.

▲ intelligent follow-up distributor: Taking the intelligent follow-up distributor robot as an example, after the operator sends the movement command, the distributor automatically controls the motor to drive the combined movement of the large and small arms of the distributor through intelligent algorithm analysis, so as to realize the purpose of moving the discharge port to the appropriate position.

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Compared with the traditional cloth environment, the use of robot avoids the safety risk caused by multi person cooperative construction errors.


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