Design inspiration – exploring the mathematical logic in the architectural world

Pedestrian and bicycle crossing the river is a dynamic and continuous tie structure, which is physically and structurally independent of the two banks to avoid possible damage to archaeological sites on adjacent buildings and sites.

Imagine a three-year-old child drawing many dots (discrete dots) on a piece of paper with a pen.

Photo source: network mathematics is an important tool of architecture.

The temple has two rooms to store the gold and ivory statues of Athena and her treasures.

If you draw the boundaries of all “cells” and form multiple polygons, you will get a von lornoy diagram.

A typical example of this is to use the principle of the golden section to achieve harmonious proportion.

The Victoria College Art Center designed by minifie Nixon expresses a beautiful and useful mathematical concept called voronoidiagram, or Tyson polygon.

We call this group of points “cells”.

Swivel Scaffolding

The results of a mathematics project conducted by the Austrian Science Foundation Fwf show how basic mathematics research can help architects achieve amazing architectural concepts.

The most obvious examples of this relationship are 2D and 3D computer-aided design programs, which are the basis of modern architectural practice and are almost entirely based on mathematical principles.

Their design is influenced by structure, proportion, color, pattern and texture.

Assuming that there are only limited pen points, these figures are defined by lines.

For example, use mathematics to calculate the area of building site or office space; Use mathematics to help us determine the volume of gravel or soil required to fill the hole; Safe building structures and bridges are designed by mathematically calculating loads and spans.

Von lornoytu and Art Center, image source: Zaha Hadid studied mathematics before turning to architecture, so she pursued fragmented geometry and multiple perspectives, and understood the logical relationship between architecture and mathematical logic very clearly.

It is a typical example of the style of hakes associates and is inspired by the endless Mobius ring road.

The architecture endows the bridge with the characteristics of sculpture, so that it can become a landmark and a symbol of the regeneration of mathematical art.

Harmony and balance can be achieved by applying mathematics to our architectural design by using other mathematical principles such as the golden section.

”  —— Zaha Hadid Hadid’s interest in fractal is obvious.

Visitors can see statues and temples from the outside.

Picture source of the case:   02    Linear systems in buildings   Michael hansmeyer architects have been inspired by natural form and geometry for centuries.

Using the basic units of the scherpinsky triangle, structural stability can be obtained without using anything.

In this issue, we will take a new look at architectural design from the perspective of mathematics ~ “without mathematics there is no art.”  —— LucaPacioli,   Dedivinaproportione, 1509 mathematics is related to beauty, so architects usually combine mathematics, science and art to create attractive functional structures.

Examples of the golden section exist widely in nature, including the human body.

In construction, mathematics helps us determine the best materials.

For each point, you can find a group of white points closer to it than other pen drawn points.

Architecture changes with the change of mathematics.

A project of Fwf shows the architectural potential of discrete differential geometry.

○ focus on us,   Please click at the top of the screen   Unidesignlab we use mathematics to solve problems in architecture every day.

Photo source: the combination of network creative architecture and modern architectural technology has created an impressive architectural form.

Finally, the acrylic glass material is fixed on the lattice.

The perfect proportion of the human body – Vitruvian (Da Vinci), photo source: the network Parthenon temple was influenced by mathematical principles, which was designed by architects Iktinos and Carly crates.

After site constraints and careful selection, the geometry of the bridge produces an effective structural solution.

The golden section is a formula of mathematical principles, which is considered to produce satisfactory proportions.

Next, let’s take a look at how the beauty of mathematics is cleverly reflected by designers in some academic programs~   01    Mobius Bridge   The Mobius bridge designed by hakes associates architects is a fashionable and sexy pedestrian bridge, which can talk to pedestrians without disturbing the surrounding scenery.

This is why ancient buildings long ago also used mathematical models to reflect a comfortable appearance.

Since ancient times, the application of mathematical principles can produce beautiful and lasting buildings, which have passed the test of time.

The bridge deck section spans the remaining distance as a beam and has a connection between the arch and the bridge deck.

Therefore, mathematics plays a vital role in design, and it is also the basis of geometric model, deconstruction and parameterization.

Discrete differential geometry also plays a role in this field.

The main span consists of compressed steel arches, and the bridge deck is suspended by slings with smaller diameter.

Its exquisite appearance is famous for its harmonious proportion and has influenced generations of designers.

Image source: As can be seen from the above example, the application of mathematical principles can produce some amazing architectures, and the architects’ works will have a more striking sense of harmony and balance.

The main structure frame adopts bamboo truss, and the bamboo grid of fractal design is woven on the bamboo truss.

Each von loy diagram is defined by a set of points.

They never distinguished science from creativity.

In form, we can use it to realize functional and aesthetic advantages.

Architects have incorporated these influences into the process of mainly experience..

Source: The basic unit of the pavilion design in the figure below is the sierpinskitriangle, which is a pure fractal form, providing structural stability and technical robustness.

We can play with math problems, just as we draw with pen and paper – math is like drawing.

Over the years, many famous artists and architects have applied the golden section to their works, such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo, using the golden section to define the size and proportion of their works.

Her works are described as new Futurism and are famous for their highly complex and challenging designs, which break through boundaries both literally and metaphorically“ My parents instilled in me a passion for discovery.

The design of Mobius bridge was jointly developed by Buro happold.


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