[jianjiantong] take a warning: seven supervision units were punished for construction without approval

Project name: new mechanical equipment profile manufacturing project construction unit: Zhangjiakou Juye industrial and mineral products Co., Ltd.

supervision unit: an Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

in Yuxian County Supervision Unit: An Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.


Project name: Chengnan New Area “Industry city education” Municipal project construction unit: Yangyuan County urban development and Construction Investment Co., Ltd.


The circular said that seven projects such as the improvement and construction of infectious disease treatment capacity of Fucheng County People’s hospital had illegal acts of starting work without obtaining construction permit.

supervision unit: Hebei Engineering Construction Project Management Co., Ltd.

supervision unit: An Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd.


Project name: home textile production base project construction unit: Hebei elegant household products Co., Ltd Company: a Hebei Group Co., Ltd.

Project name: construction project of improving the treatment capacity of infectious diseases in Fucheng County People’s hospital construction unit: Hebei Fucheng County People’s hospital construction unit: Henan Construction Group Co., Ltd.

construction unit: a Hebei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Project name: Yihai primary school and Student Aid Center project construction unit: North District Central School in Weizhou Town, Yuxian County construction unit: a Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Construction media ID: jianzhong001 CCTV news (reporter Xu Hui): on September 14, Hebei Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development officially released the news that 7 projects were notified of starting without construction permit.

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According to relevant regulations, it was decided to notify 7 projects, and the competent department where the project is located shall punish the illegal units according to law and record them in the list of dishonesty of the main bodies of the construction market.

Project name: Hebei Xingtang (provincial) economic intelligent manufacturing incubator construction project construction unit: Xingkai Construction Service Co., Ltd.

in Zhangjiakou 6.

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construction unit: a Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

supervision unit: a Hebei Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.

The specific project list is as follows: 1.

in Shaanxi supervision unit: a project management consulting Co., Ltd.

construction unit: Zhangjiakou Construction Co., Ltd.

Project name: Qiaorun fangcaoping phase I office building and underground garage project construction unit: Zhangjiakou Qiaorun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

supervision unit: Hebei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

construction unit: Yangyuan Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.

in Zhangjiakou 7.


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