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While introducing natural light, it also avoids too much sunlight from entering the reading space.

Brick is selected as the main facade material.

Birmingham is not full of personality, but if you have the opportunity to understand its history, you will find that its development process is quite “inspirational” – from a small village, through the baptism of the industrial revolution, it has become the “Detroit” of England; Even in the “World War II” suffered heavy bombing, the spirit of the city has not been erased.

In addition to its durability and being the most common local building material, it also helps to improve the “wallmass” and acoustic separation.

It ranks among the top cities in Britain in terms of population and area.

The widely distributed social and learning space provides students with opportunities for cooperation and encourages exploration, discovery and co creation.

The reflection of light from the glass curtain wall can maximize the internal daylight lighting.

Stainless steel material affects the surrounding environment by reflecting the sky, the flow of people and the incoming and outgoing trains, and provides interesting dynamic scenery for passers-by.

  04 University of Birmingham indoor sports centre lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, 2018 © The goal of the Paul riddle project is not only to build a state-of-the-art Sports Center for students and employees, but also to become a new building that invites local communities to participate.

The lecture hall itself can also be used as a landmark reference for finding the way inside the building.

05 Birmingham Library of Birmingham mecanoo, 2013 © Christian Richters Birmingham library is the largest public square in Birmingham Center, but it lacks cohesion and identifiability.

Different from the large-scale and introversion required by the typical sports space, the indoor activities here are designed to be visible to the outside as much as possible.

02 Royal birmingham conservatoire Feilden cleggbradley studios, 2018 © Hufton + crow Birmingham Royal Conservatory of music is the first Conservatory of music specially designed to meet the needs of the digital age in the UK since 1987.

The appearance of the building is dynamic geometry, and the branching waves gently decorate the city.

Birmingham is a large industrial city in Central England.

The construction project is an important investment made by Birmingham University to improve the student experience, provide students with social and learning space, and adapt to the growth of the number of students.

Student experience is the primary task throughout all stages of project design.

With moderate scale, experience first and modern form, such buildings can be seen everywhere in Birmingham.

Birmingham architectural roaming map (painted by the author) 01 Birmingham New Street station, Birmingham New Street Station azpml, 2015 © Javier callejas transportation hubs such as airports and railway stations are very important for a city.

The fine skin is inspired by local traditional art and handicrafts.

Even with glass skin, the collection form and atrium space of the library also provide sufficient buffer space to ensure energy efficiency.

It is rated as an excellent building by BREEAM because of its efficient energy-saving strategy.

They are usually located in key areas of the city, grasp the huge traffic flow, and present the first impression of the city to visitors from afar.

What makes the swimming pool and hall special is their brick exterior wall, which connects them with nearby student apartments and responds to the brick architectural characteristics of the campus.

U Bar Anchor

The building also won the 2018 national award of the Royal Institute of architects.

On the facade of the building, a series of prominent brick walls form strips, highlighting the position change of windows in the vertical direction, adding diversity and interest to the building.

Architecture puts acoustic design in the first place.

The library is a transparent glass building with gold and silver skin.

The cube consists of offices, automatic parking lots, apartments, retail units, hotels, spas, restaurants and air bars – it is envisaged as a building that will never be closed.

The facade can also be used as a canopy to protect pedestrians from wind and rain.

Therefore, the architect’s design goal is to give the place three characteristics: commemoration, culture and entertainment.

07 Millennium point car park acivico, 2012 © TonyHisgett © Acivico rarely uses the word “cool” when people talk about parking lots..

Using the slope of the site, the architect organized the large space of the sports center in a concise, clear and coherent way, including a 50m swimming pool, a large multi-functional hall, a squash hall and a parking lot.

The striking appearance of the cube has had a great impact on Birmingham’s urban skyline.

The flexibility of this skin system also plays a key role in improving the energy strategy of buildings.

The internal important space is far away from the main road, and the honeycomb practice room and rehearsal room play the role of “buffer”.

Different sizes of gold and bronze plated aluminum plates are combined with glass to create a rich design level; Supplemented by an elegant decorative metal hollow screen, it spans the opening of the atrium.

The scheme of Boming Hanxin Street Station hopes to build a landmark building that can reflect the identity symbol of the central area of the city.

The ratio of glass to aluminum plate varies from facade to facade, and the ratio of aluminum plate in the south facade is higher to limit the excessive heat absorption inside the building.

The project has won the 2018 national award of the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA).

The architects simplified the glass and the necessary long-span structures to reduce their proportion of dominant space.

  Birmingham’s modern architecture never wins with “big and many”, but moves people with the “citizen first” attitude that can be seen everywhere in ordinary life.

Its architectural language comes from the local industrial heritage and aims to celebrate the sharp contrast between the traditional heavy metal industry and the modern handmade jewelry industry.

06 cubemakearchitects, 2010 © Make architects the cube is the final phase of the mailbox development in Birmingham.

It is still moving forward and building, just like its City Declaration: always forward.

Many smaller rooms, such as dressing rooms, classrooms, offices and fitness rooms, are cleverly integrated into the stairs of the building, greatly enriching the cross vision between spaces.

The original terrain brought the challenge of space fragmentation to the architect, but the architect finally used this special element to “carve” the “crystal heart” inside the building, that is, the lecture hall wrapped in glass curtain wall.

The roof space of soft landscape not only provides people with the opportunity to approach green, but also further maintains the pleasant environment of the building.

The building itself is equipped with grey water treatment system and ground source heat pump.

03 University of Birmingham teaching and learning building BDP, 2019 © Nick caville as the number of college students has increased significantly in recent years, the role of students has also changed: they are not only “learners”, but also “consumers”.


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