[jianjiantong] a Hangzhou owner was arrested for building a load-bearing wall, and the whole building was in danger!

According to the house risk appraisal issued by Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Bureau, the risk level of the building is rated as grade D.

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36 community residents were affected, so they had to move and choose to stay in a hotel or go to relatives and friends.

When knocking on the load-bearing wall, the owner also sent a circle of friends: I don’t understand how heavy the load-bearing wall is.

On October 11, the police in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou learned that the owner and contractor of the household had been taken criminal coercive measures on suspicion of negligently endangering public security in a dangerous way.

A staff member of the people’s Government of Guali Town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou said that the whole community was built in 1988.

Anyway, the living room is much more spacious.

among them, level C and D are commonly referred to as dangerous houses.

After the local government’s intervention, it has carried out danger relief and reinforcement of the house.

As can be seen from the attached drawing, the owner sawed off a load-bearing column in the middle of the living room with an electric saw during decoration.

01020304 in an interview with the media, the staff of the petition Office of the people’s Government of Guali Town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou said that the landlord of the illegal decoration on the first floor paid 4000 yuan to each household through government coordination.

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According to the appraisal standard for dangerous houses issued by the Ministry of construction of the people’s Republic of China, the house safety appraisal is divided into four levels: A, B, C and D.

Recently, the owner of the first floor of 31 commercial apartments in Guali Town, Hangzhou savagely renovated and knocked off the load-bearing wall of the floor without permission, resulting in the cracking of the wall, the inclination of the building, and the whole building became a dangerous building.

Knowing that it is a load-bearing wall, you can only say that you are ignorant and fearless.

The 36 owners of the building were safely transferred and resettlement fees were paid.

Level D dangerous houses refer to the bearing capacity of load-bearing structures that can no longer meet the normal use requirements.

At present, the owner has been detained.

We must not do these things in the decoration, otherwise we will regret it.

The whole house is in danger and constitutes the whole dangerous house, which should be demolished as a whole.

The affected building has six floors and three units, with a construction area of almost 200 square meters per floor.

From this incident, let’s also learn lessons.


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