Jiangling Residential Construction carried out the “Looking Back” Special Rectification of Safety Hazards in Construction Hoisting Machinery

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In order to further ensure the safe and healthy operation of construction lifting machinery and equipment on construction sites in Jiangling County, and to promote project construction with high quality, the Jiangling County Housing and Urban Rural Construction Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade has carried out a “look back” special rectification of safety hazards in construction lifting machinery.

Comrade Huang Liantao, the captain of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, requires the leaders of the “integrated” construction and lifting machinery enterprise and the project leaders of the construction site to strictly follow the relevant provisions of the “Hubei Provincial Measures for Safety Supervision of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering”, conduct a comprehensive investigation, draw inferences from each other, establish the “hidden danger is an accident” safety production concept, and completely eliminate safety hazards; Secondly, it is necessary to strictly implement the requirements of “three management and three musts”, clarify the division of responsibilities, compact safety production responsibilities layer by layer, and establish a solid safety red line; Thirdly, strict rectification and review shall be carried out, and the rectification results shall be jointly signed and confirmed by the construction unit, supervision unit, and technical leaders of the “integrated” enterprise, and then reported to the law enforcement team of the County Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau for review; The fourth is to conduct interviews and credit penalties according to the severity of the situation for enterprises and relevant responsible persons who fail to effectively investigate and rectify safety hazards.

On May 22nd, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade of Jiangling County Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau held a centralized interview with the project leaders of the county’s construction sites and the “integrated” lifting machinery enterprises regarding the safety production hazards and rectification issues discovered during the special inspection of construction lifting machinery.

If the situation is serious, they will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.


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