Audit Analysis of the Whole Process Tracking of Construction Engineering Cost

Different construction project costs, due to their different structural modes, adopt different operating modes and conduct different tracking mode audits accordingly.

Compared to phased audits and link audits, tracking audits are conducted specifically for a specific link.

Starting from the actual development status of construction engineering cost, the article provides a comprehensive analysis of the design of engineering cost, providing valuable reference experience for engineering cost in the construction industry, for reference only.

The role played by on-site audits, phased audits, and link audits varies among these three types of audits.

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At the same time, the selection of stages and the tracking and auditing of engineering costs in construction cost projects need to be constantly determined based on actual situations.

1.2 The implementation entities targeted by the tracking audit in the current construction industry, the development of engineering cost is always inseparable from investment.

Keywords: architecture; Engineering cost; In the field of construction project cost, the comprehensive tracking audit of construction projects is derived from it.

Different investment models also determine different methods of tracking and auditing

The phased requirements of engineering projects are not only related to the amount of funds and manpower, but also to the importance of each stage of the project.

Furthermore, it continuously promotes the continuous development of engineering costs in the construction industry.

Abstract: In the current development process of China’s construction industry, engineering cost is a hot topic.

In the process of tracking and auditing the cost of construction projects, it is sometimes necessary to conduct certain tracking and auditing for specific links and stages, which roughly includes three modules.

Overview of Tracking Audit in Construction Engineering Cost 1.1 Overview of Tracking Audit Operation Mode In the current construction engineering cost, the operation mode of tracking audit is not unique, but the result of the joint action of multiple operating projects.

In the operation process of engineering cost, it is directly related to the amount of manpower and funds.

It is no longer a traditional cost model that has been applied, but a comprehensive tracking audit that monitors the entire process, conforms to performance, and moves the key forward.

In order to make the operation of funds more effective, scientific, and reasonable, tracking and auditing the engineering cost is an essential task.

This includes full service before, during, and after the event.

For on-site audits, a 24-hour follow-up audit is required.

In terms of construction project cost, different project stages have different contents.

Among them, the various development stages of engineering cost are directly related to tracking and auditing.


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