Jiang Minglin: vigorously developing green building system is one of the important strategies and ways to achieve carbon peak and carbon

The key is how to determine the value of CO2 emission at this inflection point.

*** 2021.9.


It provides a multi angle and multi-dimensional theoretical basis and practical action suggestions for government decision-making.

Experts and scholars from various fields have published quite a number of weighty articles on realizing the “double carbon goal” from their respective fields of concern.

Therefore, various industries must comprehensively consider various restrictive factors when determining their respective carbon peak value in 2030, otherwise they will lose the great role of determining the carbon peak in 2030 in promoting the adjustment of energy structure and industrial structure, energy conservation and emission reduction and the transformation of green and low-carbon production and lifestyle.

National large-scale enterprises, enterprise groups and industry associations should act quickly, actively implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and carefully study and deploy the road map and timetable for their own enterprises or industries to achieve the goal of “double carbon goals” according to their own industry characteristics.

Recently, Jiang Minglin, former deputy director and counselor of the Counselor Office of the State Council, expressed his views on how to achieve the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”? And its strategies and approaches are as follows for your analysis and research reference.

The increase of greenhouse gas emission concentration represented by CO2 has caused the problem of global climate change, and shows an increasing trend..

Carbon neutralization: refers to the total amount of CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly generated by countries, enterprises, products, activities or individuals within a certain period of time, Through natural processes (forest vegetation and ocean absorption, carbon burial in erosion deposition process, carbon sequestration in alkaline soil), artificial afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, soil organic carbon, CO2 engineering capture and storage, etc., to offset their own CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions, realize positive and negative offset and achieve relative “zero emission”.

*** *** The first plenary meeting of the working leading group was held in Beijing.

22 central office The State Council Office issued the opinions on completely, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept and doing a good job in carbon peak and carbon neutralization (issued on October 24, 2021).

This requires us to combine these indicators with the carbon peak before 2030.

2、 Why should China put forward the “double carbon goal”? With the process of world industrialization, the expansion of world population and the improvement of people’s living modernization level, human beings use a large amount of fossil energy and emit a large amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, while human development encroaches on a large number of forests, wetlands and grasslands, reducing the ability of natural world to absorb CO2, As a result, the CO2 concentration on the earth has increased from 280ppm before the industrial revolution to 410ppm at present, reaching a peak since records.

It is the inflection point of CO2 emission from increase to decrease.

We propose that by 2030, the carbon emission intensity will be reduced by more than 65% compared with 2005, the proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy consumption will reach about 25%, the forest volume will increase by 6 billion cubic meters compared with 2005, and the total installed capacity of wind power and solar power will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts.

It should be considered together with the indicators of our 2030 long-term plan for national economic development.

How to achieve the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”? The author has the following preliminary understanding of its strategies and approaches for your analysis and research reference.

Many enterprises regard the realization of the “double carbon goal” as the social responsibility and obligation of the enterprise or industry, and it is the only way to improve the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the enterprise or industry.

The value of carbon peak is not the peak, and the highest value in history is not positioned as the carbon peak index, so that we can achieve the carbon peak in advance.

It is different from the target of “carbon peak” before 2030, which only refers to the CO2 target.

It will play a decisive role in the successful completion of the “double carbon goal”.

In particular, will the increased carbon sink of CO2 captured and stored by artificial afforestation and engineering cause a new round of CO2 emission when it is re applied? At present, we have not made systematic consideration from the whole CO2 cycle.

On November 17, 2021, the Ministry of industry and information technology printed and issued the industrial green development plan for the 14th five year plan These documents of the State Council and ministries and commissions are promoting China’s carbon peak and carbon neutralization in an overall and orderly manner, and putting forward overall, forward-looking and guiding opinions.

From the current technical analysis, the work of carbon neutralization is more difficult and complex than that of carbon peak.

Carbon peak: refers to the process that the annual CO2 emission of a region or industry reaches the highest value in history, and then enters the continuous decline in the platform period.

Special attention should be paid here to “carbon neutralization” The target includes greenhouse gas emissions in the whole economy.

A correct understanding of the “double carbon goals” is the basis and fundamental basis for our specific actions.

1、 Correctly understand the “double carbon goal”.

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On October 24, 2021, the State Council issued the notice of the action plan for carbon peak before 2030 (GF [2021] No.


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