Architectural layout design of biological laboratory

The product design style shows humanization and functionalization, which can meet the requirements of different environments in the laboratory; 2.

Provide laboratory planning, design and technical consultation.

III We should pay attention to the coordination and harmony of color and material.

5 Laboratory floor materials with special requirements such as cleanliness, pressure gradient, constant temperature and humidity shall also meet the requirements of overall seamless 6 Laboratory with buffer room (including laboratory rooms with complex institutions such as clean laboratory and biosafety laboratory), hidden equipment doors shall be reserved for the access of experimental equipment, especially large equipment.

First have a general idea, and then start the ground and wall…

These laboratories often represent the highest level of cutting-edge basic research in the world.




Color and material, color and light have very close internal relations, which should be carefully considered in the design and selection of color and material.

After having the overall idea of modeling and artistic style, we can start from the overall idea, design and use the color and material of various interfaces such as indoor ground, wall and top surface, and determine the color and material of furniture and indoor furnishings.

The following principles should be followed in the design and decoration: 1 Safety principle: the site selection of the laboratory shall be reasonable.

A messy and uncoordinated indoor environment is often related to the lack of overall conception before decoration.

Determine the main tone according to the general concept requirements, and consider the configuration and coordination of different colors, such as brightness, cold and warm bias, and local high-color small furnishings, so as to be orderly.

IV Interior decoration of laboratory 1 The laboratory shall adopt frame structure to facilitate the reasonable layout of the laboratory; 2.

They are an important occasion for high-grade academic exchange Laboratory engineering decoration: 1 According to different customer groups, we carefully develop and provide experimental platforms, instrument platforms, fume hoods, gas cylinder cabinets, medicine cabinets, utensils cabinets, sky platforms, reagent racks, material taking platforms, transfer windows, air (cargo) shower rooms, ultra clean worktables, etc.

laboratory Decoration Engineering, purification engineering, PVC floor engineering, intelligent control system engineering of ventilation system, environmental protection treatment system engineering of gas acid mist, waste liquid treatment system engineering and other fields, so as to create a three-dimensional space for customers with complete functions, safety, comfort, green and environmental protection and a brand-new modern laboratory; 3.

Overall modeling It’s very important to make an overall plan before decoration.

How to decorate, what style of laboratory furniture, lamps and curtains to choose.

with all wood, steel wood, aluminum wood, all steel structures, as well as basic equipment related to the laboratory.

In addition, in the layout design of instrument room, the problem of mutual interference between different instruments shall be avoided as far as possible.

3 The seismic fortification category designed by the laboratory shall not be lower than that of class B building, 4 Meet the requirements of laboratory environment, beautiful and generous, full of modern sense of science and technology, and show the industry characteristics, work philosophy and unique style of the unit.

Plate Bolt Anchor

10 The materials involved in the decoration shall be fireproof and flame retardant materials as far as possible, which must be medium and high-grade products, meet the environmental protection requirements and provide the certificate of conformity.


The wall of the laboratory shall be made of building materials with small surface adsorption and convenient cleaning.

In the selection of indoor interfaces, furniture furnishings and other materials, the comfort of people’s close and long-term visual feeling should be considered, and even the characteristics of contact with skin should be considered, which should comply with the principles of safety and environmental protection and ergonomics.

I Laboratory decoration layout the indoor environment of the laboratory, as the spatial structure division has been determined, the layout shall be based on the convenience and rationality of its internal use before interface treatment, decoration layout and furniture setting.

Samples or samples shall be provided before procurement and can be carried out only after being confirmed by Party A.

all pipes and trunking holes on the ground, wall and ceiling must be strictly sealed, and the final effect of the decoration shall be modern, fashionable and beautiful.

Summary in general, with the improvement of laboratory decoration level, laboratory staff have higher and higher requirements for design.

The floor of the laboratory shall be made of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-skid and easy to wash.

They have born a large number of Nobel laureates and epoch-making scientific and technological innovations.


Physical shielding measures shall be taken for the laboratory with light avoidance requirements.

The building fire resistance rating of the laboratory shall not be lower than grade II, and the setting of fire-fighting facilities shall comply with the provisions of relevant national building fire protection design codes.

The so-called overall conception means to design the indoor environment into what style and modeling characteristics, and make overall consideration according to the main contents of the laboratory, such as functionality, practicability and capital budget, that is, the so-called “meaning first”.

Provide one-stop services in the whole process, i.e.

According to the use function of the laboratory, it can be roughly divided into preparation room (or pretreatment room), analysis room, instrument room, balance room and microorganism room (or clean room), storage room, etc.

Sida & Jianghai enterprise medical special project and NDT comprehensive contractor service provider like it, because our standard star laboratory is the cradle of science, the base of scientific research, the source of scientific and technological development, and plays a very important role in scientific and technological development.

Conception and intention can be said to be the soul of interior design.

Solid Colored glass shall not be used for the window outside the laboratory to avoid color perception judgment error during the experiment.

The world-renowned laboratory is also known as Mecca in the field of scientific research, which is the place that scientific and technological workers look forward to and follow.

in the layout design, while meeting the needs of laboratories with different functions, reasonable layout according to the experimental work process shall be considered as far as possible to reduce the unnecessary walking back and forth of staff, that is, the principle of efficiency.

The construction of laboratories with special conditions such as radioactivity testing laboratory, animal laboratory and biosafety protection laboratory shall be carried out in accordance with relevant national regulations and requirements.

For example, select a place with less dust and less vibration..


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