A fire broke out at a construction site, and the potential safety hazard exposed behind it is


According to witnesses, the incident was located in the industrial park, There are no residents around.

Falling from height and welding slag splashing.

If it is operated carelessly, it is very easy to cause accidents! What are the potential hazards of electric welding? Why is electric welding so easy to catch fire? Potential danger! 1.

The cause of the incident “may be caused by electric welding.

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When they splash on combustibles, they may cause fire; When exposed to explosive gas, it is likely to cause explosion.

Here! What! Danger! Danger! In fact, the occurrence of electric welding accidents is not accidental, which has a great relationship with the chaotic management of the construction site, the illegal operation of workers and the stacking of combustibles around! Be sure to operate safely and in accordance with regulations.

Electric welding construction should also keep in mind the “three unifications” to prevent and reduce accidents! ▼▼▼ finally remind again!!! Autumn and winter is a fire prone period.


1 Suspected improper operation 2 Unlicensed operators use electric welding to weld the oil tank, ignite the diesel volatile gas in the oil tank, and cause combustion and explosion.

The fire was fierce and the whole building was almost covered with smoke.

Illegal hot work is one of the most fatal illegal operations.

Hot sparks splashed everywhere during welding.

Since the electric welding is carried out after melting the metal through the arc, and the temperature is up to more than 6000 degrees during the welding process, it is easy to ignite the combustibles in contact with the other end of the weldment.

The temperature of these small sparks is high.


Therefore, according to the preliminary investigation, there are two main reasons.

Fire accident caused by heat conduction of welding.

Enterprises and relevant responsible persons should strictly implement the main responsibility of safety, regularly check potential safety hazards, provide safety training for employees, work safely and always bear in mind! Source: China work safety network and Guangdong emergency management department for more emergency information.

Electric welding construction is inseparable from industrial production and construction, but do you know? As an open fire operation, electric welding has the dangers of high temperature, high pressure, flammability and explosion.

The materials stacked (in the place of the incident) are chemical materials and flammable” On November 12, an automobile power distribution firm in the jurisdiction also suffered personnel injury caused by combustion and explosion.

Click the blue font above to pay attention to our sudden fire at a construction site in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province on the morning of November 14.

The power line of the electric welding machine is often dragged and worn during operation, which is easy to cause line damage, short circuit and fire of surrounding combustibles.

Generally, the welding and cutting operation point and the fire site are not in a three-dimensional level, so it is not easy to be found in the early stage of fire.


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