Sun ruofeng: Micro transformation of architecture and allusion of literature

The use of allusions and idioms is also the unique poetic life of the Chinese people.

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The special article “things” in this book reflects the understanding of this literary theorist and allusion expert about allusion and quoting “old things” more than 1500 years ago.

Micro reconstruction of architecture and literary allusions / sun ruofeng, distinguished researcher of the Institute of cultural industry of Renmin University of China, former director of the Department of science, technology and education of the Ministry of culture and tourism, the micro reconstruction of contemporary architecture and the allusions of ancient poetry and Fu seem to be different, but the expression effect is different, which plays a role in the traditional Chinese aesthetic psychology; Their current popularity and once popularity are also behind the Chinese aesthetic logic, reflecting our nation’s ability to freely switch between the old and new time and space, connect and coexist since ancient times.

A handy allusion or idiom is to build a scene composed of history and reality, invite the ancients into the Bureau, invite stories into life, borrow from tradition, and let the wisdom of history shine into reality.

Building micro transformation has become a national policy.

In 2018, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued relevant documents.

“Sunset and fog fly together, autumn water and long sky are the same color”, which is a famous sentence in the preface to Tengwang Pavilion by Wang Bo, a talented young man in the Tang Dynasty.

Du Fu is a saint of poetry, as well as the poet Li Bai, the poetic ghost Li He, and his allusions have reached a state of perfection.

If you just cite classics and even blindly pile up allusions, it is the book bag that people have ridiculed since ancient times.

His “Wen Xin Diao Long” is the only systematic monograph on literary theory in ancient China.

To a large extent, idioms play the role of allusion in history.

The so-called use of allusions is to quote stories, words and sentences in history, especially in ancient books, support their own views, and express their thoughts and feelings richly and implicitly.

In the use of allusions, Liu Xie of the Six Dynasties was both a practitioner and a researcher.

Recently, in Guangzhou, where urban renewal was implemented earlier and “micro transformation” was proposed, ten cadres were seriously held accountable for large-scale tree cutting for more than a year, indicating that the concept of “micro transformation” still needs to be strengthened.

On the other hand, it respects tradition, retains buildings of historical value as much as possible, and endows them with new life with its own innovation and creation, so as to make them adapt to the new production and life of today’s people, In particular, in line with the needs of the masses to appreciate beauty and create aesthetic beauty, we need to build a new world and “micro space” with practical functions and aesthetic functions..

One of the main sources of idioms is allusions, but allusions emphasize “citation” and idioms emphasize “faithfulness”.

It is applied to the renewal of the whole city.

We should be able to use allusions when writing traditional poems, just as we Chinese should be able to use chopsticks when eating.

Idioms are also rhetorical devices with Chinese characteristics, which are also widely used in contemporary life.

At the same time, he also stressed the need to have his own innovation, to “use the old and combine the machine is like coming out of his mouth”, “if you use people, you have never been ignorant since ancient times”.

In Shi Lei, Liu Xie said that the function of using allusions is to “classify things by their meanings, and help the ancient to prove the present”, and believed that “Ming reason leads to words, and justice is related to personnel, which is the Hongmo of sages and the general moment of scriptures”.

According to the author’s observation, it is much earlier in practice.

Today, the creation of classical poetry and Fu is a minority creative behavior, but in modern poetry, especially in the creation of some popular lyrics, we can also see the lingering charm of allusions.

We should make the old living and production space adapt to the new needs of life and production, realize the transformation of old and new functions, and integrate with modern urban culture, including popular culture and fashion culture.

Micro transformation is not limited to architecture.

Yu Xin writes better poems in his old age, and his allusion is more handy, which is also an important reason.

Not long ago, it issued the notice on preventing large-scale demolition and construction in the implementation of urban renewal, which has clearer requirements and greater efforts in building micro transformation, emphasizing that historical buildings and old buildings with protection value should not be moved and demolished at will, and should not be neglected, repaired but not used and idle for a long time.

Allusions are the rhetorical devices of ancient Chinese poetry and Fu.

In addition to architecture, it also includes the overall style and texture of blocks, streets and public spaces.

Du Fu said in five poems on historical sites: “Yu Xin is the most bleak in his life, and his poems and Fu move the river pass in his twilight years”.

It should deal with the old and new spears, and seamlessly connect tradition and reality.

Allusion is a rhetorical method with Chinese characteristics.

The allusion is “falling flowers fly with zhigai, and willows share the same color of spring flag” in Ma shefu by Yu Xin, a scholar of the Six Dynasties.

Yu Xin can also be said to be a representative figure of allusion.

It is the most systematic and in-depth analysis on the use of allusions so far, and it can best see the aesthetic psychology of the ancients.

However, it mainly focuses on architecture, which is completely opposite to the concept of large-scale demolition and construction.

Do not destroy the traditional pattern and street texture of the old urban area, straighten and broaden roads at will, build big roads and squares.

The “embroidery” effort is adopted to repair and repair the old plant area, old commercial area and old residential area, strictly control the building height, and retain the characteristic pattern and texture of the old urban area to the greatest extent.

In urban renewal, the micro renewal of architecture is to create a new architectural text on the old architectural text, so that history and reality can find a position, observe and perfect each other.

Comparing its discussion on allusion with the micro transformation of today’s architecture, there is an obvious aesthetic “Synaesthesia”: the beauty of inheritance and innovation.

Represented by Beijing Electronic Equipment Factory turning into “798” and Chengdu Hongguang Electronic Tube Factory turning into “memory in the eastern suburbs”, it was initially brewed and started by the art community and people, showing the social foundation and public opinion trend of today’s Chinese cultural self-confidence.

The whole book is written in parallel prose, and allusions are a major feature of the book.

This concept was put forward in the measures for urban renewal of Guangzhou in 2016, which means that on the premise of maintaining the current pattern basically unchanged, the “minor repair and minor supplement” shall be carried out in a way according to local conditions, so as to improve the living environment, promote the vitality of the block and inherit the regional culture.


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