Jean Nouvel, the most aesthetic and Creative Architect, is the design collection of five “art galleries / art galleries / museums” around

The art museums are truly “global art architect” and “the world’s most aesthetic and Creative Architect” The title is not too much.

After several rounds of PK, more than four Pritzker masters participated in the bidding process of Shenzhen opera house.

The Art Museum covers an area of 5837.5 m2, the main building is 17000 m2, and 12 exhibition halls are built along the sea.

He can perfectly integrate culture, technology and technology.

The functions of the art museum and the art Bay blend with each other, the natural landscape and cultural creation set off each other, and the language and materials of the art museum architecture The quality and details exude a strong poetic and elegant temperament, making the art museum itself a moving and beautiful work of art.

Jean Nouvel designed the resort “sharaandesertrestore” in the Al ula desert of Saudi Arabia Today, at the age of 76, Jean Nouvel is still active in the construction industry he loves.

Let people come to the art museum see art in architecture and architecture in art Chad Deakin, at sea #2, at sea #4, at sea #5, Alex Katz, a song to pay tribute to xiduochuan, Liu Xiaodong, at Juarez refugee home, the first exhibition of the West Sea Art Museum “beyond” It includes the works of 14 key artists at home and abroad, most of which are the first exhibition in China, as well as the works tailored by artists for exhibition and space.

Mason Frame Scaffolding

It can be said that Shenzhen Bay opera house is a milestone work to change Shenzhen People’s understanding of the importance of art in design / architecture.

Jean Nouvel, another global top class architect who is also a Pritzker winner, has built five art galleries / museums / art galleries around the world, just like the real “Art Architecture” master Jean Nouvel, a famous French architect all over the world.

As the opening exhibition, “transcendence” also hopes to become the declaration of the museum and realize self transcendence again and again in the field of art..

The 12 exhibition halls of the art museum in different forms are connected and relatively independent, and each exhibition hall is used by the public It is carefully placed in the base, with various forms and inclusiveness.

In his own words, “I don’t know what the next building will be like”.

There are more possibilities in the future! Let · nuville team design inspiration for the flexible “light of the sea” , the light is refracted into the room through the innovative water corrugated glass plate to create a dream light and shadow effect.

Shenzhen Bay is known as the world’s most potential Bay Area in the world, which is also the case.

It can not only meet the exhibition needs of participating artists, but also fully stimulate the creative inspiration of artists, maximize the wisdom of curators and the energy of artists, and provide the public with a new architectural feeling and artistic experience.

Today, let’s see the Art Museum / Museum exhibition most appreciated by putiko Xihai art museum is a non-profit art organization located in the South Bank of Tangdao Bay, the West Coast new area of Qingdao, and in the artists’ garden, an international comprehensive art community It is the core organization that constitutes the art ecology of the community.

Moreover, Shenzhen opera house is not just an “Opera House”, but a world art architecture practice integrating “urban art living room + star hotel + commercial art complex design”.

Meng Xianwei, founder of Qingdao Xihai art Bay, and Jean nuville, architect, have an ideal to build the Xihai Art Museum Become a sample that can renew our understanding of the art museum and activate our creative sensibility.

Like a magician, he designs light, shadow and geometric lines in various ways.

His famous remarks: “The future of architecture is not architecture”.

Look forward to the “light of the sea” ~ © Ateliersjean nouvel02 theme of Xihai Art Museum  | The new landmark of magic city – Qingdao, China after the opening of Shanghai Pudong Art Museum in July, Qingdao Xihai Art Museum, which has been planned, designed and built for many years, was officially opened to the public on August 12.

Finally, Jean Nouvel Affairs Office proposed the “light of the sea”   He won the first prize, and the team led by him will be responsible for the construction of Shenzhen opera house   Source: why does Shenzhen Urban Design Promotion Center attract global architects so much? Location or location is also suitable for interpretation.

A careful inventory will find that he has built / will build five art museums around the world.

In his career as an architect, he has won a series of authoritative awards, including akahan award, wolf Art Award in 2005 and Pritzker award in 2008.

After that, a series of classic projects were completed successively: Tokyo Telecom headquarters building (1998), lucerne culture and Conference Center (2000), Samsung Art Museum in Seoul (2004) and Agba building in Barcelona (2005) , Minneapolis gersley Theatre (2006), Bali kaibrownley Museum (2006), Copenhagen Concert Hall (2009), Abu Dhabi Louvre (2017), Qatar National Museum (2019)…

In 1981, Jean Nouvel and as architecture studio He designed the Arab world research center together, which was completed in 1987 and made him famous.

His architecture is light and his ideas are transmitted in a rich architectural language.

Come to Shenzhen Bida Shenzhen opera house.

Come together and walk into the light of art he brought to the World 01 theme of Shenzhen opera house  | As a native of Shenzhen, I am glad to be associated with the global art world created by Jean Nouvel with architecture.

© AteliersJeanNouvel © AteliersJeanNouvel © Ateliersjean Nouvel looks at Shenzhen from all over the world.

It is committed to presenting classic and contemporary, fashion and design, music and performance and other art forms to the public through cross-cultural and cross-media artistic innovative expression.

Here, the art museum is not a defined entity, but a magic cube for contemporary cultural creation, experience and communication in the transformation of space.

This summer has undoubtedly become a carnival for art and architecture lovers.

An architect who has never built an art museum / art museum must not be an excellent Pritzker winner – globe   LUXURY   The “and Art Museum” created by realestate Tadao Ando is not without noise.

Surprisingly, three of them are in China! They are located in Shanghai, Qingdao and Shenzhen.

Shenzhen opera house will build the world Bay together with the world-famous Shekou Guofu District, Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base and Houhai headquarters base The most prosperous section of the District, facing Hong Kong, is also linked to the world.

Jean Nouvel proposed in the Louisiana declaration “Every building is alive, unique and special, and should coexist harmoniously with its surrounding environment and place spirit” Xihai Art Museum refuses to clone the architectural design, so that the buildings here only belong here, fully integrate with the cultural environment and natural environment, let art and behavior enter the daily life of residents, and inspire us the endless growth of art and life all the time.

Nouvel’s construction site in Xihai art Bay, Qingdao   © Jean Nouvel of West Sea art Bay has always been known as “adventurer among architects”.

His works and experience are amazing.


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