Minecraft! Two simple building tips, heaven can do everything! Meng Xin can understand

It is very suitable for construction.

Xiaobei is lazy, and the little partners can understand it! The output end of the red stone comparator is connected with the red stone, which in turn is connected with the viscous piston.

                                                                   In my world, climbing a building is a hard thing.

The next step is media selection.

First, select the glass block on the material.

The pull rod in the figure is not opened.

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However, the simplest and most practical way is to achieve up and down through water flow.

The pull rod opens and the viscous piston extends.

Determine the center position, surround the three surfaces with glass, and determine the height of the elevator according to the number of building floors.

And it needs to be rotated to a specific angle to trigger the mechanism.

Let’s look at the core structure.

Why do you have to stand inside? Because standing outside and placing a wooden door will either occupy the center of the water elevator, resulting in no water flow.

The principle of water elevator has been introduced above.

The disadvantage is that it needs manual operation and the speed is slower.

Formwork Clamp

That’s so handsome! Small partners who like building survival might as well do one in their own home.

So if you pour a bucket of water at the top, you can “swim” up.

After that, a humble furnace is placed to close the entrance, and several boxes can be placed around it.

Pour water from the top, just a bucket of water.

The device has the advantages of simplicity, labor saving, beautiful appearance and space saving.

But the simple climb made many adventurers crazy.

So the first trick Xiaobei wants to introduce is “water elevator”.

You can also put the ladder in advance, but the difficulty increases accordingly.

Then put a wooden door at the entrance of the elevator.

Dig a grid under the center position and put soul sand at the bottom, which will immediately generate upward water flow and quickly bring the player to the top.

Do adventurers want to have such a secret room in the game? You’re right.

Or there will be a large interval.

The insignificant item display box on the wall is a secret room mechanism.

Next, dig out the secret chamber in front of the piston and set up the ladder for going up and down.

Hidden secret room entrance in espionage films, we can often see all kinds of secret room mechanisms, and most of the protagonists are cool.

You can simply climb up according to the terrain.

Close the pull rod, you will find that the furnace retracts into the wall under the action of the viscous piston, and the entrance of the chamber appears.


On the contrary, the lava block will produce a downward flow of water, which will quickly send the little partners to the ground.

If you want to make a one-way fast water elevator, choose soul sand (rising) or lava block (falling).

Let’s follow Xiaobei.

According to the “characteristics”, a grid of water will extend infinitely in the vertical direction.

If you want to make a two-way elevator, you can use kelp.

Just plant it slowly from the bottom.

Remember to stand in the elevator and click the ground at the entrance to generate a wooden door.

The pull rod can be in place in one step, and the mechanism is the same.

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You can also put stones under your feet and go up slowly.

Behind the item display box is a red stone comparator for receiving the changed signal.

Of course, the middle and small North in the picture uses a pull rod, which is troublesome because the item display box needs to be turned to a specific angle (related to the position of the viscous piston at the back).

The transparent glass is convenient for us to see the height, and it is high-end and atmospheric.


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