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By writing Spring Festival couplets and sending blessings to the masses, we fully explored the cultural connotation of the New Year, family reunion, and peace and prosperity of the country.

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, implement the spirit of the document “Notice of the Central Civilization Office on Volunteer Service Activities for Civilized Practice during the New Year’s Day 2023 Spring Festival” (Civilization Office [2022] No.

Sticking Spring Festival couplets is the traditional folk culture of the Chinese nation, which symbolizes auspiciousness and expresses people’s yearning for a better life.

During the activity, our department organized young volunteers to go deep into the village community and carry out the activity of “inheriting excellent traditional culture, blessing and sending thousands of families during the Spring Festival”.

The volunteers turned their best wishes into pieces of works with auspicious meanings.

The activity was warm and fragrant, and the response of the residents was strong.

All things are new, and Kyushu celebrates HSBC’s success.

There is no spring without couplets.

14), give full play to the central role of civilized practice in the new era, cultivate new styles and new features of the era, strive to create a festive, healthy and uplifting festival atmosphere, and gather a strong spiritual force to implement the 20th CPC National Congress and forge ahead on a new journey, After receiving the notice, the Department of Architecture and Engineering responded positively at the first time, and organized and mobilized teachers and students to participate in the civilized practice of the new era throughout the department, and widely carried out voluntary service and care actions.

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This activity has better inherited the traditional Chinese culture, created a happy and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere, played an important role in serving the people’s livelihood, and sent good wishes and deep love to thousands of households.


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