January 18 deadline! Job recruitment announcement of CSCEC

Under the same conditions, veterans are preferred.

Have good psychological quality and good health; 6.

The initial education background is full-time bachelor degree or above, and English has passed CET-4; 7.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

Have professional knowledge and skills required by job responsibilities; 3.

Recruitment, financial department: financial report post two, basic condition 1.

In principle, the age shall not exceed 40 years old; 5.

Please pay attention to the official account and reply to the article after the 8 digit encoding..

China official account for Limited by Share Ltd recruitment, please pay attention to the public number, private letter reply: 22010601.


More than 3 years of grass-roots experience or more than 2 years of overseas experience; 4.

Post duties and qualifications.

Good conduct, loyal to the enterprise, recognize and follow the corporate culture concept of CSCEC, and have good team spirit and personal professional quality; 2.


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