Comprehensive recruitment information for construction (January 6, 2022)

At least 8 years experience in finance, audit, investment and financing management or asset management in large enterprises; 3.

College degree or above; 2.

Be responsible for the bidding participation of cooperative units in the region; 5.

Be responsible for the preparation, statistics and verification of various data reports (such as weekly report, monthly report, annual report and project file filling, etc.), and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the summarized data; 4.

The original data entry of the project customer database and the maintenance and sales audit of relevant databases.

Location: near Changchun People’s Square.

Li: 15961766872 (wechat) Donghai real estate is looking for: high-end residential project planning manager, sales manager and real estate consultant..

Liu 13074313411 (same wechat number) welcomes you to recommend recruitment information in other regions [steady real estate enterprise, financial director of Sulu city of Huichuang group] Location: Suqian, Jiangsu salary: salary + performance + year-end bonus + housing subsidy + canteen requirements: under the age of 38 + bachelor degree or above in unified recruitment + nearly 3 years of experience as the financial director of top real estate enterprises in cities or projects.

Zhou Longhu intelligent service northeast recruitment: head of Changchun investment development.

Peers in the group give priority to HR direct recommendation.

Qualifications: 1.

Serious and responsible work, strong pressure bearing ability, good team spirit.

Be familiar with the current situation of the property market, have a certain judgment on the future development trend of the market, have business channels and resources in the property industry, have a customer perspective, and have experience in successful independent outreach projects; 3.

Responsible for the collection and maintenance of market development information channels and relevant resources in the region; 2.

Systematically master the company’s financial management, financial market investment theory, methods and skills, and understand the dynamics and trends of financial theory and practice.

Full time bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, finance, economics and other related majors; 2.

Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of working experience, rich experience in business center / high-end residential and office building market development and operation management, familiar with the professional policies and processes of property management; 2.

Be responsible for the completion of property market development indicators in the region.

Yu Tel: 15901349036 Lianhuashan industrial group is looking for: [work location]: Lianhuashan tourist resort, Changchun City [recruitment position]: Director of financial assets Department [job requirements]: 1.

Jilin Recruitment Information # real estate development company recruitment: sales statistics job responsibilities: 1 Commercial housing sales subscription, signing, tracking and confirmation; 2.

Good at communication, good organization and coordination skills, social skills, communication skills, business negotiation skills, team spirit, strong brand and marketing skills.

Welcome to inquire ~ Ms.

Be responsible for the internal affairs of the Department, including (but not limited to) reimbursement, printing, fax, copying, attendance, asset management, document drafting, etc; 5.


This subscription number is public welfare and completely free to serve employers and peers, so that employers can recruit suitable talents, and each peer can find a suitable post! Welcome to pay attention to and join various professional wechat groups.

Responsibilities: 1.

Responsible for the intention communication and business negotiation of the unit market with intention to cooperate in the region; 3.

Plate Rebar Anchor

Proactive, with strong development ability and insight, good at exploring customer needs and project opportunities; 4.

Have relevant financial management experience in large group enterprises.

Be responsible for the preliminary inspection of projects of units with cooperation intention in the region, the preparation of service scheme and the preparation of bidding related materials; 4.

Financial working experience is preferred! Five insurances and one fund, communication subsidy! Tel: 13180900076 (wechat same number) [celebration] employed by class a cost consulting company: civil engineering cost engineer and electrical cost engineer.

Tel (wechat): 15043069875 Ms.

Master the knowledge of financial policies and regulations, and have the experience of participating in investment and financing projects; 6.

Complete other work arranged by the leader.

Contact person: Ms.

Job requirements: 1.


Working experience in related field is preferred; 3.

They are required to have more than 5 years of consulting company experience, comfortable office environment, generous salary, two-day rest, legal rest and five insurances and one fund.

Maintain good cooperation with banks, finance and other relevant departments [benefits]; Ms.



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