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If the above method is not successfully added, you can directly contact the director of the Consulting Center at 132619956253.

High cost performance, no impact on income   The examination is simple: there are few examination subjects, the admission score is low, and the examination difficulty is small   Accumulate contacts: Elite alumni study together, which is conducive to work development   Reasonable teaching: different registration purposes, different teaching plans and accurate evidence collection   6.

The registration materials provided by freshmen during registration shall be true and effective.

Online registration: consult the registration teacher, fill in the registration form, truthfully prepare the registration materials as required, and follow the admission process after passing the review.

In service graduate students have different registration methods and majors, different registration conditions and different suitable groups.

Learning while working.

MBA – Master of business administration.

② One inch electronic photo on blue background (384 * 512 specification, JPG format).

Professional characteristics: cultivate high-level, high-quality and applied accounting professionals for the accounting profession.

Core courses: business strategy, human resources, marketing, organizational behavior, etc (the specific courses shall be subject to the latest curriculum of the colleges and universities actually registered) MPA – professional characteristics of master of Public Administration: MPa aims to cultivate high-level professionals in public administration with broad caliber and compound for personnel and administrative institutions of government departments, non-governmental organizations and enterprises and institutions.

Required materials: ① positive and negative scanning copies of ID card, highest education diploma or student card.

In order to promote the growth of management professionals in China, improve the academic level of various disciplines and the development of education and management, and meet the needs of socialist modernization, an on-the-job postgraduate registration is specially conducted.

The notice pointed out that a correct employment orientation should be established.

Long press the identification QR code to add the teacher’s consultation for details.

According to the identification of two-dimensional code, the teacher will occupy the places of enrollment.

Three registration methods for on-the-job postgraduates 2.

Registration mainly adopts online registration.

Students can choose their own way according to their different situations.

Registration conditions 1.

If the above method is not added, the director of the consultation center can be directly contacted by the director of the consultation center: 13261995625, 1 important points, for the purpose of the deployment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work and the relevant notification requirements of the education department.

College degree or above can apply: if you meet the requirements of college graduation for more than 5 years, undergraduate graduation for more than 3 years, or have obtained a master’s degree for more than 2 years, you can apply.

(online registration is specially adopted for epidemic prevention and control) 3.

If the quota is full, it will be closed in advance! 1.

The advantages of this application ◆ 2   Flexible learning: free time, on-the-job learning.

Graduate certificate and master’s degree certificate.

Core courses: engineering project evaluation and decision-making, engineering investment and cost control, engineering plan and schedule optimization, engineering contract management, construction organization design and technology (the specific courses are subject to the latest curriculum schedule of the actual colleges and universities) MPAcc – Master of accounting professional degree.


Graduate entrance examination is suitable for the population.

Announcement on the enrollment of on-the-job postgraduates in 2022 the Ministry of Education issued a notice on doing a good job in the employment and Entrepreneurship of part-time postgraduates in national colleges and universities in 2021.

The sample of graduation certificate shows the double certificates of Graduate Diploma + master’s degree certificate issued by graduation.

③ Fill in the freshman registration form.


Core courses: advanced financial accounting theory and practice, international accounting standards, government and non-profit organization accounting, financial statement analysis, etc (the specific courses shall be subject to the latest curriculum schedule of the actual colleges and universities)……

Long press the identification QR code to add a detailed method for teacher consultation.

The popular professional introduction management category includes 7 professional degrees, namely: Master of Business Administration (MBA), master of Public Administration (MPa), master of Engineering Management (MEM), master of accounting (MPAcc) and master of tourism management (MTA), master of audit (Maud) and master of Library and information (MLIS).

If the above method is not successful, you can directly contact the director of the consultation center at 132619956255.

Professional features: focus on cultivating pragmatic, compound and applied high-level management talents who are competent for business enterprises, economic management departments and senior management.


certificate: novel coronavirus pneumonia certificate.

The registration time of this batch is as of November 12, 22:00 this Friday.

If they provide false materials for registration, they will be regarded as dishonest behavior, and the resulting unqualified qualification examination and other consequences shall be borne by the candidates themselves; freshmen must register within the specified time, and if they exceed the deadline, they will be deemed to give up automatically…

Core courses: public administration, public policy analysis, political science, administrative law, quantitative analysis methods and other courses (specific courses shall be subject to the latest curriculum schedule of the actual registered colleges and universities) Mem – Master of engineering management specialty features: cultivate high-level talents for decision-making, planning, organization, command, coordination and control of engineering practice.

In the recruitment announcement and actual operation, graduation institutions, overseas learning experience and learning methods (full-time and part-time) shall not be regarded as restrictive conditions.

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