Activity review | searching for red memory and reading Urban Architecture — teaching and research activities of cultural and Expo festival

The end of this activity is located in the Dasheng building on Jiujiang Road.

Qiu, the author of the series of “looking for the environment – Shanghai beach”, further introduced the style evolution of century old buildings in Shanghai, understood the internal relationship between modern Shanghai Urban development and urban architecture, and felt the red culture, Shanghai style culture Jiangnan culture is a cultural characteristic of mutual reflection and perfect integration.

Through more than an hour of immersive urban architecture appreciation activities, teachers have brought a lot of inspiration and inspiration.

Shen put forward at last: in the cultural and doctoral inquiry class, we should explore ideas, use our brains, and do meaningful things more interesting.

Especially without teaching reference, we should look for “interesting” small topics and have a good inquiry class, so as to better enable students to complete the goal of project-based learning.

Special note: “Museum adventure season” has the ownership and intellectual property rights of photos, videos and other materials taken during the event.

13 customs building on Hankou Road, we followed the guide teacher to learn many unknown stories behind these excellent historical buildings: Asia Building’s earliest advertising strategies of “trade in, buy one get one free and buy the same”; The Bund HSBC building, known as “the most gorgeous building between the Suez Canal and the Bering Strait”; An antique elevator worth 100 million yuan in the Shanghai Federation building (Dongfeng Hotel); The secret hidden in the bell of the customs building…

It is a famous excellent historical building in Shanghai.

In November in Shencheng, the wind was cold and the sun was bright.

The journey of a hundred years is magnificent, and the heart at the beginning of a hundred years is strong.

The Bund not only witnessed the vicissitudes of Shanghai’s urban changes in the past century, but also the beginning of modern Chinese history.

Now it is the first collection concept store of reader magazine in China.


The building is designed in neoclassical style, with clear appearance and elegant atmosphere.

The teachers of the teaching and research group of culture and Expo came to the signal tower of the Bund Meteorological Bureau to read the urban architecture and explore the red memory together with boyuji.

Hou and Mr.

He was an office building of Zhang Jian, a famous industrialist in modern times.

The flag raising ceremony of new China was held here on October 2, 1949.

In the teaching and research activities, teachers take this as the starting point and put forward a lot of ideas and ideas for the teaching activities of the cultural and Expo Group.

After reading the historical story of the “World Architecture Expo Group”, I came to the reader bookstore to read excellent books.

From No.

The name of this road has witnessed the changes of Shanghai.

Slab Props

It is a hundred years of glory to have a great cause in mind.

As Mr.

No one can use them without the written consent of the Expo season and the event participants.

In the 2021 New Year’s greetings, President Xi Jinping mentioned that 2021 is China’s Centennial birthday.

Shanghai, the largest metropolis in the Far East in China’s modern history, where the Communist Party of China was born, a small red ship carrying the great trust of the people and the hope of the nation, crossed the rapids and dangerous beaches, crossed the rough waves, and became a towering giant ship leading China to a stable and far future.

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More highlights are in the activity base camp.

1 Bund on Yan’an East Road to No.

Our activities started from Yan’an East Road, the widest road in Shanghai, from the earliest aidoya road to Zhongzheng road before liberation, and then to Yan’an Road today.

It was built in 1919.

Turning from the customs building into Hankou Road, along the way, there are also many excellent historical buildings standing on both sides of this small road without mountains and dew: the birthplace of the Bank of China, the Sixing savings association building, the Holy Trinity hall In particular, the Hankou Road Work Bureau building with a wide arc platform was once the seat of the Shanghai municipal government.


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