[industry information] by 2025, Hubei will realize full coverage of green buildings and issue the implementation opinions on building energy

Since July 1, 2018, the province’s green building design and engineering acceptance standards have been fully implemented for new civil buildings in urban areas above county level.

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*** Implement the decision-making and deployment of green development of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and formulate the implementation opinions in accordance with the requirements of the 14th five year plan for building energy conservation and green building development of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the 14th five year plan for the development of Hubei construction industry, and focus on the “double carbon” goal to promote the high-quality development of urban and rural construction.

Scientific planning, overall consideration, formulating development goals according to local conditions, implementing classified guidance, and forming a development pattern with local characteristics.

By 2025, green buildings will be fully covered, building energy efficiency will be steadily improved, building energy consumption structure will be gradually optimized, and the growth trend of building energy consumption and carbon emission will be effectively controlled In order to lay the foundation for achieving the peak of carbon dioxide emission in the construction field of our province in 2030, a green, low-carbon and circular urban and rural development mode and construction mode have been basically formed.

We should focus on the people, realize the people’s yearning for a better life, pay attention to the quality of green buildings and the attributes of health and comfort, and enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.

Take measures according to local conditions and make overall consideration.

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, we continued to carry out in-depth actions to create green buildings, fully implemented the current building energy-saving standards of the state and Hubei Province, widely applied renewable energy forms such as solar photovoltaic, photothermal and air thermal energy, promoted the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings on a large scale, and further consolidated the achievements of “Prohibition” and “Prohibition”, Vigorously develop the ready mixed industry and new wall materials, and promote the application of green building materials.

Fully consider the actual situation of different regions, determine the technical route suitable for the development of our province, and improve the construction of standard system.

Promote the large-scale development of green buildings, carry out the creation of green buildings for a long time, fully implement the newly revised db42 / t1319 local standards of green building design and engineering acceptance standards for new urban residents, and control the bottom line level of green buildings..

Note: [] is the five-year cumulative value.

Implement the reform requirements of “release, control and service”, give full play to the driving and exemplary role of the government, and attract the active participation of market subjects.

II *** Target, and strive to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, environment-friendly, green and low-carbon development in the field of urban and rural construction; Guided by green technology and scientific and technological innovation, strengthen mechanism construction and guarantee, improve building energy efficiency and quality, meet people’s needs for a better life, and contribute to the construction of a beautiful Hubei with harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Specific objectives.

Further standardize the behavior of market subjects, create a policy and market environment conducive to the development of green buildings, stimulate market vitality, and accelerate the construction of market integrity and industry self-discipline mechanism.

1、 During the 13th Five Year Plan period, according to the requirements of the 13th five year plan for building energy efficiency and green building development in Hubei Province, all localities formulated target plans, planned overall work, improved systems and measures, strictly supervised and managed, strengthened responsibility taking, paid close attention to work implementation, realized the steady improvement of building energy efficiency and the comprehensive promotion of green buildings, The large-scale application of renewable energy, the continuous promotion of energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, the rapid development of green building materials, and the successful completion of the objectives and tasks of the 13th five year plan.

We will continue to carry out in-depth actions to create green buildings, continuously improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings, and significantly improve the environmental quality of living space.

(2) The basic principles are people-oriented and low-carbon development.

3、 Main tasks (I) promote the high-quality development of green buildings 1.

A total of 558 projects have obtained green building signs, with a total construction area of 69.5104 million square meters; The newly added building area of renewable energy is 110.8899 million square meters, and the newly added installed capacity of solar photovoltaic building is 247.61 MW; Completed the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, covering an area of 19.5492 million square meters; The work of “real prohibition” and “real prohibition” has achieved results, and the application rate of new wall materials has reached more than 96%; The total supply of bulk cement is 353.6211 million tons, the supply of ready mixed concrete is 415.3627 million cubic meters, and the application of ready mixed mortar is 16.4944 million tons; A total of 101 enterprises’ building materials products have obtained the green building materials evaluation mark, and 78 ready mixed concrete enterprises have obtained the green production evaluation mark.

By 2025, 100% of the new urban buildings in the province will implement the green building standard, of which the proportion of star green buildings will reach 20%; The energy efficiency level of new urban buildings will be 15% higher than that in 2020; The application proportion of green building materials in new urban buildings reaches 50%; The application rate of new wall materials has reached more than 97%.

(3) Overall development objectives.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, all new civil buildings in cities and towns in the province implemented the current energy-saving standards of the state and our province, with an additional energy-saving building area of 344.6954 million square meters and an additional building energy-saving capacity of 4.8122 million tons of standard coal.

We should constantly improve the utilization efficiency of building energy, optimize the structure of building energy consumption, help urban and rural construction develop green and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature 。 Government driven, market led.


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