The building faces south, each bedroom is square and spacious, and there are many surrounding facilities. Hamada mountain apartment in

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You need to set up a company in Japan to purchase in the name of a legal person, with a loan limit of about 50-70%, a repayment cycle of 20-35 years and a loan interest rate of 1.5%.

The exclusive agent (long by one recognition two-dimensional code for one to one communication) recommended reading (click the picture to get the complete article) how much interest rate does foreigners buy in Japan? How can they not come to Japan to see the house? Reply to the “fir district” in the official account dialogue, and understand the real estate investment analysis of Tokyo Shan co district..

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It has two bedrooms and one living room.

The reason for recommendation is located at 4-D, Hamada mountain, sugawa District, Tokyo Location, it is a low-rise design residence standing in the special area for class I low-rise residence.

Each room is square and spacious.

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It is located on the top floor with an open wide span design.

The picture summarizes the appearance of the apartment, apartment gate, apartment hall, apartment corridor and apartment type 🔁   According to the exchange rate, the RMB cost may fluctuate.

Shanho district is a residential area with good public security.

You can walk to Hamada mountain station in 10 minutes and get to the surrounding area of the building The security environment is good.

DIWA station and gaomiansi station of JR line and subway line are also popular investment areas.

Convenience stores and supermarkets are in the walking circle.

It is OK in the district Using the central line of the popular line, it is convenient to get to Xinsu station, the first transportation hub in China.

The transportation is convenient.

The guest restaurant of 19.8 square meters and walk-in cloakroom have sufficient storage.

Detailed information address: 4-18-27, Hamada mountain, shanho District, Tokyo price: 89.8 million yuan, about 5.06 million yuan real estate type: apartment building age: March 2017 (built for 4 years) Building structure: RC exclusive area: 70.58m2 total number of households: 32 households floor: 3 floors / 3 floors in total room type: 2LDK orientation: South lease: empty room management fee: 19800 yen / month repair fee: 15170 yen / month use area: the first low-rise residential area land right: ownership transportation: 10 minutes’ walk at Bintian mountain station of Jingwang Jingtou line loan can make sunflower home an overseas investor (no long-term visa) Provide bank of Japan loan house purchase business, investment and self residence.

Shanho district is located in the west of Tokyo District 23.

You can also use the subway and private railway, which is a very convenient area.

The apartment is a third floor building with good lighting, ventilation and overlooking towards the south.

Jiuwushan, Hamada mountain and other places in the district are famous high-grade residential areas.

The vacancy rate in shanho district is 10.3%, which is lower than the average of 11.2% in Tokyo and 13.5% in Japan, and the investment risk is relatively small.


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