[industry experience] understand the hotel architectural design code

The building regulation system is divided into three levels: Law, specification and standard.

③ With good economic effect, the design and construction of houses should have careful planning and accounting, pay attention to the objective laws in the economic field and pay attention to the economic effect.

The single building is an integral part of the master plan, and the single building shall meet the requirements put forward in the master plan.

Residential building design code is like a book, its content is very, very much.

The following contents must be involved in the hotel building design code: Code for design of hotel buildings, code for design of catering buildings, code for accessibility design of urban roads and buildings, code for fire protection design of high-rise civil buildings or code for fire protection design of buildings, design standard for energy efficiency of public buildings and general rules for design of civil buildings Other items in the code for fire protection design of garage, repair garage and parking lot depend on the specific contents of the hotel.

The law mainly involves administration and organizational management (including punishment measures).

The hotel architectural design code, the minimum technical requirements for new buildings issued by the government or legislature, is an integral part of the building code system.

Code for hotel architectural design: ① the primary task of architectural design is to meet the functional requirements of buildings, meet the functional requirements of buildings, and create a good environment for people’s production and living activities.

The contents of the code for design of residential buildings generally include: introduction, general provisions Indoor design (suite type, bedroom living and hallway, kitchen, toilet and toilet, area calculation, floor height and clear height, balcony, aisle and storage space, indoor stairs, doors and windows) common parts (stairs and elevators, corridors and access, garbage pipes, basement and semi underground rooms, attached public rooms) indoor environment and building equipment (indoor environment, building equipment) About these contents.

The specification focuses on comprehensive technical requirements, while the standard focuses on single technical requirements.

The hotel architectural design code, when it comes to the hotel architectural design code, is something that all designers must understand.

The newly designed single building shall make the base form a coordinated outdoor space combination and a good outdoor environment.

The design of buildings should also fully consider the relationship with the surrounding environment, such as the status of original buildings, the direction of roads, the size of base area and greening, and the relationship with the proposed buildings.

⑤ Meet the requirements of the master plan.

For example, Japan incorporated some main contents of architectural design codes into the building standards law and its implementation order as supplementary provisions of the law; The Soviet Union included architectural design codes in the scope of standards.

The use requirements and technical measures of house design should be unified with the corresponding cost and construction standards.

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② Adopt reasonable technical measures, correctly select building materials, and select reasonable structure and construction scheme according to the characteristics of building space combination, so as to make the house firm, durable and convenient for construction.

④ Considering the requirements of architectural aesthetics, buildings are the material and cultural wealth of society.

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While meeting the use requirements, it also needs to consider people’s requirements for the aesthetics of buildings and the spiritual feelings given by buildings.

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