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You can use a fire extinguisher or splash water in a washbasin to put out the fire.

Do not blindly follow the flow of people, crowd each other, rush and run around.

Nonflammable materials made of metal and other materials shall be selected for installation.

Before going out or going to bed at night, check whether the gas valve, electric heater, oven, microwave oven and other electric and gas switches have been turned off.

Turn off the electricity.

Never take the elevator.

How to “extinguish” high-rise fire 01 in case of fire, calm down and alarm.

You should return to the room, block the door crack after soaking with bed sheets and quilt covers, and seek help by the window (waving bright clothes during the day, waving a flashlight or knocking on a metal basin at night).

How to “prevent” 01 home decoration in high-rise fires.

In case of a fire of household appliances, cut off the power supply immediately and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

04 make good use of the passage and do not enter the elevator.

If the bedding, curtain, etc.

04 when the oil pot is on fire, do not use water to extinguish the fire.

In case of a fire, first keep calm, quickly judge the escape direction and evacuate the dangerous place as soon as possible.

05 for gas leakage, close the valve for ventilation.

Those who have fled the danger must not return to the danger.

08 make good use of facilities, consciously maintain that no sundries are stacked in the fire hydrant box in the corridor, and the interface, water hose and water gun shall be kept intact and effective to ensure smooth fire water.

How to “escape” in high-rise fire 01 keep calm and distinguish the direction.

If the gas stove and pipeline leak, close the valve first and open the window for ventilation immediately.

02 if the fire is not big, take the initiative to put it out.

Do not drag the combustibles.

03 do a good job of protection and evacuate in a low posture.

04 no one is at home.

06 when the fire comes to the door, stick to it and wait for help.

With the development of society, there are more and more high-rise buildings.

When carefully selecting materials for home decoration, remember not to use flammable Combustible decoration materials.

In case of fire, keep calm, call 119 immediately and accurately report the fire information.

Do not call for help or use electrical equipment indoors.

If you feel hot by touching the door handle, the flame of opening the door is bound to rush towards you.

In order to prevent the smoke from choking in the fire, wear a smoke mask when escaping, or cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, and bend down to evacuate in a low posture.

If it is found that the lines are aging, the skin falls off or damaged, replace them in time.

07 fire fighting equipment, home standing dry powder fire extinguisher, fire blanket, smoke mask, escape rope, multi-functional flashlight, fire gloves and other simple fire fighting and escape tools.

Don’t enter dangerous places, don’t be greedy for property, don’t be greedy for valuables, and waste your escape time looking for and moving away items.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin

We summarized the key points of home fire safety knowledge of high-rise buildings, and taught everyone the standing fire knowledge of high-rise buildings from the three aspects of “prevention, escape and extinguishing”.

02 in case of electrical failure, replace it in time.

In addition to working in high-rise buildings, more and more people live in high-rise buildings.

05 often clean up the oil pollution without leaving hidden dangers, regularly clean up the oil pollution of kitchen gas stove and range hood pipeline, and boil water and stew without leaving people.

Remember not to put out the fire with water without cutting off the power.

Do not stack inflammables and inflammables.

03 inflammables, keep away from power outlets, switches, electric heaters and ovens.

catch fire, the fire is not big.

09 combustible canopy shall be removed in time.

Do not use water to extinguish the fire.

Source: Emergency Management Department of the people’s Republic of China, Chongqing fire department..

Remember not to install combustible canopy made of plastic and other materials at home.

05 when you live in a tall building and run down the stairs, if you are in a tall building, run down the stairs.

03 when an electrical appliance is on fire, cut off the power supply immediately.

Cover the oil pot with a fire blanket or pot cover, or pour green vegetables.

The downward passage is blocked by fireworks and can retreat to adjacent floors or rooms for refuge.

Always check the electrical appliances and lines at home.

06 life passage shall be kept unblocked, and combustible sundries shall not be stacked in indoor and outdoor, balcony, windowsill, emergency exit, corridor, staircase and other public areas; The escape window must be opened for the anti-theft net; Do not block and occupy the fire passage and keep the fire passage unblocked.

In case of fire, choose a safer stair passage to escape.


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