In 2018, villagers engaged in the construction industry are facing unemployment. What should we do?

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If you don’t have any skills, it’s difficult to find a profitable job.

After the villagers are not engaged in the construction industry, they can choose to return to their hometown to farm the land, which is not far away from their hometown, but also has a certain income.

Some time ago, you may have heard that in order to control the environment, the state issued a “shutdown order”.

In order to live better, more and more villagers choose to work in cities.

Moreover, with the increasing support of the state for large-scale planting, more and more subsidies can be received for large-scale planting.

Most of the villagers who work in cities are engaged in the construction industry.

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Learning other skills nowadays, social competition is becoming more and more fierce.

If there is a breakthrough in haze control this winter, it is likely to expand the area of shutdown.

Nowadays, grain prices are not ideal, and small-scale planting can not make profits.

Important: with the development of agricultural mechanization, the rural labor force has been liberated and the villagers have free time.

Moving to the south, this year’s shutdown area is the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, and if it is expanded next year, it will also be in the northern region.

Although it requires a certain tuition fee, you can also get a good job after you study.

Only large-scale planting can be profitable.


This means that a large number of migrant villagers will face unemployment.


In order to further control air pollution, reduce smog and protect our blue sky, the “shutdown order” may continue to be implemented next year.

In the past, villagers from the South came to work in the north.

The “stop work order” is mainly aimed at construction sites in Beijing and surrounding areas, which have been completely stopped.

Later, villagers from the South can choose to work around their hometown, and villagers from the north can move to the south.

What should we do? 1.

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If the construction industry is depressed in the future, villagers can choose to learn some technologies, such as electrical welding, forklift, electrician and so on.


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