HVAC design | Summary of relevant provisions of HVAC discipline in General Code for Building Fire Protection

The setting of fire damper needs design attention.

The “Building Code” of heating system is more accurate.

The smoke prevention part in 8.2 of the General Code for Building Fire Protection has been modified on the basis of the strong provisions of the current Building Code, and the situation that the stairwell may not be equipped with smoke prevention system has been removed.

(Article No.: 9.3.1) 23.

(Article No.: 7.1.8-5) 11.

The treatment method of closed stairs with insufficient natural ventilation conditions is consistent with the requirements of the Building Code.

The indoor ambient temperature of the fire pump room shall not be lower than 5 ℃.

The oil storage room cannot pass through unrelated pipes.

Practical information | Heavyweight! The General Code for Fire Protection of Buildings was issued and implemented from June 1, 2023.

Measures for refuge and problems of openings and pipelines.

The fire control room shall not lay or pass through pipelines unrelated to the fire control room.

It is moved from Chapter 8 of the Building Code to Chapter 6 of the Code, and the statement is also changed.

(Article No.: 4.1.5-3) 5.

Places where circulating air should not be used (Article No.: 9.1.1) 19.

(Article No.: 9.3.2) 24.

(Article No.: 9.1.2) 20.

(Article No.: 7.1.15-5) 13.

The problem of gas tube well that has troubled the design for many years.

The setting of fire damper for pressurized air duct discussed in the previous circle is also added here.

The fan and machine room problems in Class A and B production places are consistent with the Building Code.

The clear height of the evacuation passage is different from the 2m required by the General Code for Civil Buildings GB55031-2022 3.2.7.

What regulations should be met for the exhaust system that discharges flammable or explosive dangerous gases, vapors and dust? (Article No.: 9.3.3) Source: If the network infringes, please contact to delete it.

(Article No.: 4.1.7-5) 6.

(Article No.: 4.1.8-5) 7.

(Article No.: For windowless rooms, this specification specifies “openable external windows” (Article No.: 8.2.5) 18.

The refuge area shall prevent smoke from entering or accumulating, and shall be equipped with openable windows.


(Article No.: 7.1.16-5) 14.

The ventilation system should be set independently.

The opening of the evacuation staircase and the front room is consistent with the requirements of the Building Code.

(Article No.: 7.1.8-6) 12.

(Article No.: 6.3.3) 8.

The problem of fixed windows in some smoke exhaust places (Article No.: 2.2.5) 4.

(Article No.: 2.1.8) 2.

The problem of fixed windows in the stairwell of the pressurized system (Article No.: 2.2.4) 3.

The air duct that excludes substances with combustion or explosion hazards cannot pass through the firewall, which is more accurate than the Building Code.

Mason Frame Scaffolding

(Article No.: 7.1.5) 10.

(Article No.: 9.2.1~3) 22.

Measures to be taken for equipment and pipelines that may generate static electricity in hazardous environments.

(Article No.: 9.1.2) 21.

(Article No.: 6.3.5) 9.

The place with ventilation is specified.


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