CSCEC has set up another new company!

CSCEC’s scientific and technological innovation platform is an important measure of CSCEC to promote the reform and innovation of the scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

It is an enterprise with a newly signed contract amount and operating income of “double trillion” in the construction industry.

One in 25 Chinese people uses the houses built by CSCEC.

It continues to maintain the highest credit rating in the industry in the world, and its market competitiveness and brand influence continue to improve, and its leading position in the industry is further consolidated.

(hereinafter referred to as CSCEC), formally established in 1982, is one of the largest investment and construction groups in the world with the longest professional development, the earliest market-oriented operation, the highest degree of integration.

As the undertaking unit of CSCEC Urban Renewal and Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Engineering Research Center (Building Health Diagnosis and Treatment), China Construction First Engineering Bureau will build a scientific and technological innovation team in the strategic industry field with the platform construction as the starting point and the goal of creating a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform, focusing on the key core issues of inspection and detection, assessment and treatment, and comprehensive transformation in urban renewal, including building leakage diagnosis and treatment, and building envelope repair, The transformation and upgrading of electromechanical pipeline system will carry out scientific research in three sub-areas, cultivate original technologies, promote the implementation, transformation and industrialization of major innovation achievements, and form a competitive advantage based on scientific and technological progress and independent innovation.

The company ranks ninth in the Fortune Global 500 in 2022, third in the Fortune Global 500, and the first in ENR’s “250 largest engineering contractors in the world”.

In China, CSCEC has invested and built more than 90% of the skyscrapers over 300 meters, 3/4 key airports, 3/4 satellite launch bases, 1/3 urban comprehensive pipe corridors, and 1/2 nuclear power stations.

CSCEC’s business performance covers more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad, and its business layout covers investment and development (real estate development, construction financing, holding and operation), engineering construction (housing construction, infrastructure construction), survey and design, new business (green construction, energy conservation and environmental protection, e-commerce) and other sectors.

The platform has gradually become the core institution for the gathering of scientific research talents, the output of high-end scientific research achievements, and the promotion of enterprise scientific and technological progress.

On January 19, the unveiling ceremony of China Construction Urban Renewal and Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Engineering Research Center (Building Health Diagnosis and Treatment) was held in Beijing.

CSCEC Group mainly carries out operation and management activities on the platform of the listed company CSCEC, with 8 listed companies and more than 100 secondary holding subsidiaries.

High quality recommendation.

In 2021, CSCEC signed new contracts of 3.53 trillion yuan, up 10.3% year on year; The operating revenue reached 1.89 trillion yuan, up 17.1% year on year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 51.41 billion yuan, up 14.4% year on year; Basic earnings per share was 1.25 yuan, up 16.8% year on year.

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