Hunan: make efforts to promote the high-quality development of green buildings

On the one hand, promote the work of green construction pilot projects.

According to the plan, by 2022, the completed area of new green buildings in cities and towns in the province will account for 70%, and green design will be fully implemented for new buildings in cities and towns; By the end of 2023, a replicable green construction innovation system including policy, management, technology, evaluation, talent and market system will be formed, a long-term development mechanism will be initially formed, and a “Hunan model” will be provided for the national green construction work.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the total completed area of urban green buildings in Hunan Province was 132.5 million square meters, and the comprehensive strength of prefabricated buildings ranked first in the country; By the end of last year, the completed area of new green buildings in cities and towns in Hunan province accounted for 66.62% of the completed area of new civil buildings in cities and towns, and 872 green building identification projects were obtained, ranking the top in the country…

On December 31 last year, Hunan Province was officially identified as the only green construction pilot province in China by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

Architecture is the main constituent element of a city.

Of course, to develop green buildings, we should not only clarify its implementation scope and grade objectives, but also pay attention to the construction mode of buildings.

Other public buildings and residential buildings are encouraged to be constructed according to the standard of more than one star.

With the support of policies such as the regulations and the implementation plan, Hunan Province will make greater efforts to comprehensively promote the coordination and unification of low-carbon and high-quality development of green buildings in the construction field, so as to drive the construction of green and low-carbon cities into the fast lane.

However, behind the bright “report card”, there are also some problems in the overall development of green building, such as poor management system, non-standard construction and so on.

Therefore, in August this year, Hunan Province issued the regulations on the development of green buildings in Hunan Province, which was officially implemented this month, bringing the work related to green buildings into the track of legal management for the first time – the regulations specifically specify that new civil buildings within the urban development boundary determined by the land and space planning should be constructed in accordance with the standards above the basic level, That is, it must meet the standards of green building; People’s governments at or above the county level shall formulate policies to support the development of green buildings and limit construction methods with high resource consumption and large carbon emissions; Public buildings invested by the government or mainly invested by the government with a construction area of more than 3000 square meters, as well as other public buildings with a construction area of more than 20000 square meters, shall adopt prefabricated construction methods or other green construction methods, and shall be constructed according to the standard of more than one star.

On the other hand, preparations were made for the establishment of special working classes and expert committees.

Lifting Eye

For example, the loan amount for purchasing green building commercial houses above two stars or ultra-low energy consumption commercial houses with housing provident fund loans will rise by a certain proportion.

In July, Hunan Province established a high-level “think tank” for green construction, the green construction expert committee, including 17 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, 21 overseas experts and 74 domestic experts, aiming to take the construction of green construction pilot province as the starting point, build several landmark projects through pilot project technical support research, summarize and form a green construction innovation system; Form a long-term innovative development mechanism of green construction by guiding and supporting the construction of relevant innovation platforms; Lead and support Hunan Province to gradually build itself into a domestic leading green construction science and technology innovation center and green construction industry center with international influence.

On July 20, Hunan Province continued to issue a notice to solicit the second batch of green construction pilot projects from the whole province.

In the whole process of construction, the whole construction process such as the production of building materials, construction engineering and construction operation consumes 40% of the earth’s energy and 45% of water energy resources, resulting in 40% tropical effect, 50% water pollution, 30% air pollution, 30% solid waste and 60% chlorine, fluorine and other gases.

On June 28, Hunan Province announced the first batch of green construction pilot projects and pilot cities, clearly taking 9 projects such as Qinglong Bay ultra-low energy consumption buildings as the first batch of green construction pilot projects in Hunan Province, and making Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan as the first batch of pilot cities.

People’s definition of architecture is not vague, but the definition of “green building” is often limited to green environmental protection.

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As the deployment and start-up stage and the initial stage of organization and implementation of the green construction pilot work, Hunan Province has carried out smoothly step by step in accordance with the plan this year.

According to the requirements of the green construction pilot work plan issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the notice on soliciting green construction pilot projects was issued, and 13 projects applying for green construction pilot were investigated on the spot and reviewed by experts.

Legislate and standardize, launch pilot projects, and establish a “think tank”…

At the same time, the regulations also intend to improve people’s perception of green buildings.

In recent years, green buildings in Hunan Province have gradually sprung up with remarkable results.

In order to promote green construction as soon as possible, on May 19 this year, Hunan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development and other 12 departments jointly issued the implementation plan of green construction pilot in Hunan Province.


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