Huaqiang construction time project welcomes provincial inspection

The leaders of the provincial department carried out sampling inspection on building 11 of the time Lane project, and carefully checked the main quality, safety protection, internal and external data of building 11, the management of migrant workers’ real name system, and whether the license management personnel are consistent with the on-site management personnel.

While controlling the quality and preparing safety hardware facilities, we should also care about and pay attention to the working and living conditions of workers, and turn the slogan of “come to work happily and go home safely” into reality and normal.

At the same time, it is also pointed out that we should also memorize and understand the specifications and standards, do a good job in safety protection according to the specifications, learn various standards and regulations, and establish hierarchical risk management and control.

Finally, the provincial leaders summarized and encouraged us to strengthen our own development and strive to obtain the first-class qualification of general contracting of housing construction as soon as possible.

03 general manager summary welcome to tomorrow after the inspection team left, the general manager held a summary meeting, expressed satisfaction with the inspection results, affirmed the outstanding performance on site, and expressed the need to strengthen their own learning and make continuous progress for deficiencies.

The general manager of welcome to tomorrow led all the functional departments and all the employees of the time project to welcome the inspection and guidance of the provincial leaders.

Huaqiang construction time project — welcome to the Provincial Inspection Bureau   Each inspection is a study 01 welcome the leaders to inspect and guide the work.

And implement the safety policy of “safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment”.

We should unite as one, constantly learn, expand our professional knowledge and skills, and strive to make progress for a common goal..

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In the process of provincial inspection, the leaders of welcome to tomorrow provincial department highly affirmed our work and believed that the company as a whole has an open-minded learning attitude and a desire for active exploration.


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