How to sign the construction qualification agency contract in Guangzhou, Guangdong?

The management contract must not only specify the construction qualification category handled by the agency, but also indicate the work that the agency needs to do in the agency process, such as whether to help the company allocate personnel; Whether to help apply for work safety license; Whether responsible for the communication and coordination of competent departments; Whether to pay social security, etc.

Construction enterprises only need to provide corresponding materials and cooperate with the qualification agency to complete qualification handling.

In the process of qualification agency, it is certainly necessary to sign the agency contract.

Lifting Anchor

Therefore, The construction company will choose the agency qualification of the qualification agency.

When signing the contract, many construction companies have some follow-up problems more or less, and more serious will be deceived.

Looking for a qualification agency to handle qualification can save a lot of trouble.

only when all the work that the institution needs to complete is clear, can unnecessary disputes arise in the subsequent cooperation.

Next, the editor of Chengdu Jindian will talk about how to sign the qualification agency contract to prevent being cheated.

In the process of qualification handling, enterprises should pay attention to relevant matters to prevent being cheated…

How to sign the construction qualification agency contract? The main body of the agency contract is the construction enterprise and the qualification agency company.

In the agency contract, it is necessary to explain the expenses of qualification agency, as well as the time and method of payment, etc.

The above is how to prevent being cheated when signing a qualification agency contract.

Pintuo qualification contact number: 13688317880 construction enterprises generally look for a qualification agency to apply for qualification.

Qualification agencies are more familiar with the qualification handling process than enterprises.

This is a special concern for the enterprises that need to apply for construction qualification.


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