Which construction management software is good?

Nowadays, with the development of economy, the competition of construction engineering enterprises is becoming more and more fierce.

If the general construction management software in the industry is selected, it will not be so targeted for the engineering enterprise.

Remember these ten items..

The business performance assessment of the enterprise is difficult to be objective: due to the lack of effective management means, it is difficult for the enterprise to scientifically assess the performance of employees, resulting in the unclear effect of the incentive system of the enterprise, the personnel of each project unit lack the motivation to feed back to the internal problems of the company, and the enterprise decision-making level is difficult to make accurate and effective business decisions, It has brought some obstacles to the development of enterprises.

The business fields of construction engineering enterprises are design and construction, design, real estate and other fields.

Based on cloud subscription, the message is automatically pushed and the whole process risk is controlled.

Scattered construction projects: the construction sites of various projects are far away from enterprises, the project site has great mobility, and there are many related links involved in the construction process.

When purchasing materials, purchasers can save corresponding procurement costs, and register the price of materials through the system to avoid dark box operation; 4.

It can effectively control the inventory of raw materials and products, improve the inventory turnover rate, reduce the cost of the project and improve the profit; 3.

It is also more difficult for enterprises to manage centrally, and there will be some difficulties in the management and allocation of personnel, equipment and materials; 2.

Therefore, Yiqi engineering cloud has developed the construction management software according to this current situation, The advantages are mainly reflected in these aspects: 1.

The investment is small and the effect is fast.

As the construction engineering enterprise is one of the special industries, the center of the industry mainly focuses on the project management business.

Multi project, high risk, short construction period and low cost have become the main characteristics of construction enterprise management.

Through the real-time processing of project business data by the system, the decision-making of enterprise managers can be scientific and reasonable, and can also be issued accurately to reduce the risk of enterprise operation; In terms of project management, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project in various links such as design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning, the construction management software of Yiqi engineering cloud software focuses on “safety, quality and construction period” as the control goal, and focuses on project integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, labor management, communication management Procurement management.

Due to different management and contracting projects, engineering enterprises are facing increasingly complex environment.

However, there are still the following main problems among engineering enterprises: 1.

The enterprise information communication is not smooth: there are many units and departments of the construction enterprise, and the project department is scattered everywhere.

Yiqi engineering cloud, benchmarking the industry’s best management practices, focuses on the whole life cycle control of construction enterprise projects, and effectively manages the whole business line of core scenarios such as budget, contract, materials, procurement, subcontracting, taxation, capital, cost, quality and safety progress.

Because of the above problems, engineering enterprises also realize that modern project management methods should be solved by information management methods.

Therefore, the project related software of construction enterprises appears in the public’s sight, including project ERP management software.

Timely follow up and control the progress of the project to ensure the completion of the project schedule; 2.

There are various trends in the production and operation of enterprises.

The lack of effective project communication and communication increases the difficulty of the enterprise in controlling the cost of the construction project.

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We also provide functional templates covering the whole process of the project to help the project manager control the project~~ Malicious arrears of wages of 126 migrant workers, the boss of a construction labor company in Jiangxi was sentenced to save so much money by controlling costs? Have you learned how to make people? It’s not difficult to make a budget, but it’s not easy to do a good budget.

Moreover, the enterprise can only stay in the superficial control, which is difficult to go deep and predict the risks of the project, Enterprise managers are also difficult to make scientific decisions; 3.

The improvement of enterprise management level can effectively assist employees to complete their tasks quickly, improve work efficiency and improve production capacity at the same time; 5.


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