How to realize the transformation of architecture, we must pay attention to the integration of “greening, industrialization and

However, with the increasing scientific and technological content in buildings, the content involved in a design can no longer be solved by a single specialty, such as the fixation and bearing of transverse sunshade, the treatment in the structure, and the setting of electrically adjustable devices in the electrical specialty, The integrated design of shading and sound insulation devices needs the support of building physics, building acoustics and other disciplines.

2 the value of greening, informatization and industrialization in architectural design architectural design is a “five-dimensional” system.

As the material preparation, it provides a common basis for the construction organization and the mutual cooperation between various types of work in production and construction, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of the whole project within the predetermined investment limit and according to the carefully considered predetermined scheme.

For example, in a recently designed laboratory cluster project, based on the 30A timeless design goal, sufficient development possibilities are reserved for the future laboratory.

Thinking and practical research on the integration of three modernizations in architectural design Author: Liang Xiaodan, Wang Dan Abstract: in the transformation stage of construction industry, the field of architectural design is moving towards the leapfrog development road of industrial production, assembly construction and information operation with sustainable green concept.

Key words: green; Industrialization; promotion of information technology; Integration of three modernizations; Architectural design technology is a method and method principle to solve problems.

The objectives and technical characteristics of new construction industrialization need to develop together from three aspects of greening, industrialization and informatization.

It includes the joint cooperation of planning, architecture, structure, water supply and drainage, electrical, HVAC, intelligence, landscape and other disciplines.

The development of construction industry is the trend of industry development, the hot spot in the field of construction science and technology, and the wind vane of construction innovation and development.

3 practice of greening, informatization and industrialization in architectural design architectural planning and design is the front end of the whole architectural industry chain and the creative core of the whole architecture.

The architectural design is implemented step by step according to the time dimension, and different problems and contradictions are solved in different stages.

Only the rational allocation of the two can promote the better development of the city.

Not only does the specialty need cooperation, but also the architecture specialty, as the leader, needs to integrate and integrate the functions and technologies of various specialties.

In the current era of digital economy, the development of construction industry is to study the connection and positioning of “three modernizations” in the field of contemporary architectural design under the development trend of “three modernizations” with greening as the core and integrating industrialization and informatization.

At the same time, the “three integration” of greening, informatization and industrialization can coordinate the solution of building functions and urban environment coordination problems.

Before building construction, the designer shall make a comprehensive assumption in advance according to the construction task, formulate the methods and schemes to solve these problems, and express them in drawings and documents.

are fully considered in the design stage, Fully interpret the value of the “five-dimensional” system in the design stage.

Firstly, in terms of the accurate positioning of the laboratory cluster, the laboratory cluster is positioned as the aggregation of international first-class laboratories to form a science and technology giant box in the new era.

1 meaning of greening, informatization and industrialization greening not only means that buildings are harmless to the environment and can make full use of natural environmental resources, but also reduce energy consumption as much as possible under the condition of meeting the same needs or achieving the same purpose.

Therefore, how to plan the specific work contents and expected results of the integration of “three modernizations” in different stages and professional fields of architectural design is an important research direction in the “five-dimensional” system.

On the premise of fully considering the climatic conditions, The facade focuses on avoiding the thermal vortex air flow formed by the horizontal shading of traditional buildings and the air hot pressure pull-out effect.

In view of the relatively backward technical level of China’s construction industrialization, its development must implement the concept of innovative development and take the leapfrog development road of new construction industrialization.

This paper mainly considers the value of “greening, industrialization and informatization” of the project that needs to be planned and designed in the design stage, and makes a practical research on the necessity of coordinated development of “integration of three modernizations”.

According to the healthy, comfortable, efficient and practical design orientation, using the green and industrialized technical means, the space reserved for future development adopts the assembly type flexible partition to reduce the waste of space reconstruction and the damage to components caused by redecoration, save materials, and achieve the purpose of green.

The early planning has a direct impact on the construction and completion effect of the back end.

In the design, the concept of “three integration” of digitization, visualization and intelligence is used, and the engineering quantity information, engineering progress information, engineering cost information, quality control, investment control, etc.

Conclusion based on the above analysis, the development of green, industrialization and informatization in the construction industry should adopt the strategy of “integration of three modernizations” and coordinated development in order to play the role of 1 + 1 + 1 > 3“ “Integration of three modernizations” is the general trend of the development of the construction industry, a major change in the construction mode, and an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform and the development of new urbanization“ The “integration of three modernizations” is conducive to saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, improving labor production efficiency and quality safety level, promoting the deep integration of construction industry and information industrialization, cultivating new kinetic energy of new industries and promoting the resolution of excess capacity“ The “integration of three modernizations” can lay a solid foundation for the new development of the construction industry and effectively promote the innovation and development of construction technology..

In this multi-disciplinary field, how to integrate green, information and industrialization, and what in-depth research and practice will also be focused on refining and combing them this time.

It is a method for people to use existing things to form new things and change the function and performance of existing things.

At the same time, architectural design is an integration of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary integration.

Greening, informatization and industrialization respectively solve the problems of energy conservation, efficiency and wisdom in architecture.

Using Internet of things technology and aiming at the concept of digitization, visualization and intelligence, build a level by level visualization of parks, buildings, indoor and intelligent equipment.

Informatization in the application discipline of architecture is far from the development and application of a single software and the information automation of a certain section of work, but the information sharing and intelligence of the whole construction industry chain under the background of big data.

In sunshade and sound insulation design, it was considered to be the content of architecture specialty before.

In the vertical space, the industrial components of anchored steel structure are used to provide the possibility for the transformation of vertical functional space in the future.

The architectural feature of industrialization is to realize the “productization” of the whole production process of the building system, truly realize the integration of the whole industrial chain with standardized design, industrialized component production, mechanized construction and scientific organization and management, and achieve the goal of reducing resource consumption [1].

In this laboratory cluster, the integrated design of sunshade device, sound insulation device and ventilation device is carried out.

The research results can provide reference for research and practice in related fields.

The key is adapted to the science and technology giant box, and diversified and information elements are placed to meet the needs and development trend of the times and decode the possibility of future expansion.

The effects or goals embodied or finally needed to be achieved need to be integrated and integrated in different stages of architectural design [2].

Lifting Eye

The design integrates relevant performance and technology, and adopts the design of inner hollow horizontal shading to ensure the stability of air radiation on the outer surface of the envelope, as shown in Figure 1.

At the same time, integrated design has become an important trend.


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