How to design the salary system of project personnel in construction enterprises?

It can be obtained by obtaining salary big data from recruitment websites and private communication and inquiry of familiar personnel.

The characteristics of construction enterprises with project management as the core require that the realization of project management objectives (safety, quality, progress, cost, etc.) is the first priority.

However, the staffing must respect the needs of the actual workload and can be adjusted dynamically.

The internal is to collect systematic information on the current salary situation, and comprehensively evaluate whether the current salary system of the company matches the development of the enterprise, whether it is still incentive to employees, and whether it matches the business situation of the company.

While effectively motivating project personnel, there must be corresponding constraints, coupled with objective factors such as “dirty and poor” project site environment, frequent personnel flow, long assessment cycle, inaccurate incentive accounting The slow realization of incentives and other problems have posed challenges to the salary management of project personnel.

The evaluation results of the post value are used as the determination standard of the comprehensive salary of the post holders.

Next, the salary system needs to be redesigned.

The assessment of project managers is mainly linked to the achievement of project objectives.


The median salary is determined according to the total salary.

The human resources department shall prepare relevant documents of the new salary system according to the above results to form a normative salary system document.

It is forbidden to reduce blindly, or even simply think that one person has undertaken the work of the original two people in a short time, You can cut a headcount and save salary costs.

  Conduct salary survey and conduct salary survey on the basis of preliminary judgment on post value.

Posts with high post value will have higher comprehensive salary, reflecting the recognition of labor value and equal return.

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by organizing relevant evaluators and scoring, Different weights are given according to the importance of each section, and the final score is calculated according to the weight to complete the post value evaluation.

Among them, the post salary includes basic salary, energy level salary, lump sum salary and agreement salary, which belong to the labor remuneration given for the post; Performance bonus is an incentive reward given to employees according to the completion of objectives.

On the premise of total amount control, reducing the staffing is an effective way to improve the per capita efficiency and improve the salary level of project personnel.

The remuneration of project personnel, especially the performance appraisal, must be linked to the key objectives of these project management.

Generally, it is extremely confidential.

It is difficult to obtain real data.

The staffing determines the total salary.

It is a typical short-sighted behavior.

First, we need to determine the salary structure.

On the basis of statutory welfare subsidies, some caring welfare subsidies can be appropriately added according to the company’s own ability, reflecting the people-oriented idea and improving employees’ loyalty.

The document generally needs to include the objectives, basic principles, scope of application, composition and interpretation of salary structure, matching table between position and salary structure, salary determination method and calculation method of each module, supporting documents such as implementation rules for performance bonus payment, etc.

The determination of post salary is basically based on the two parameters of total salary base and post value evaluation result.

As the median post salary of post value evaluation result, the salary of other posts is determined according to the proportion coefficient.

With the changes of market environment and policies and the development of the enterprise itself, the salary system should also change.

For construction enterprises, the project is its core value unit, and the project management level is the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

As the most intuitive incentive means, salary plays a vital role in stimulating the vitality of project personnel.

Through the previous post value evaluation and salary research, the shortcomings of the current salary system are clarified.

Try to be as detailed as possible, so that employees can be very clear about their salary status, and can basically calculate their salary according to their work status, reflecting the transparency of the system..

The performance bonus is generally determined according to the assessment results.

Over time, the disadvantages will appear, and the consequences will outweigh the losses.

Post and responsibility requirements are used to determine the post value.

How to improve the enthusiasm of project personnel and complete the project with high quality and efficiency is the core management difficulty of construction enterprises.

External salary status mainly depends on industry research, especially the salary status of major competitors.



The team assessment bonus achieved by the objectives is allocated by a certain coefficient according to the contribution value of post personnel to the project.

How to design a set of salary system suitable for enterprise development and can fully stimulate the vitality of project personnel is the basic problem that each construction enterprise needs to face and solve.

Different posts and different job responsibilities reflect different post values.

  After determining the salary standard and salary structure, you need to determine the salary standard of each section.

  Design the salary structure.

  After formulating the salary system and completing the above steps, the new salary system can be preliminarily determined.

In this paper, the author will introduce the basic methods of salary system design, combined with the current typical project personnel salary system scheme of construction enterprises learned in the process of management consultation, and discuss with you the relevant problems of project personnel salary system design of construction enterprises   one  — The goal of project personnel compensation design the only goal of project personnel compensation design in construction enterprises is to stimulate or restrict project personnel to better complete project performance and achieve the objectives of safety, quality, construction period and cost of the project.

We only need to adjust the quantity or assessment coefficient of the corresponding plate.

By designing a new salary system, we can realize reasonable benefit distribution, stabilize the project personnel, especially the key managers, with competitive salary, stimulate their work enthusiasm and realize higher value creation   two  — Steps of salary design for project personnel ▌ 1   For the “three determinations” of project personnel, to determine the salary of project personnel, first determine the organizational structure of the project, and clarify the post setting, responsibility requirements and staffing of the project.


At the same time, a series of upward and downward floating standards shall be set for the salary of each post, which shall be used to reflect the differentiation between personnel with the same post but different actual contributions, and reflect the recognition of the value of different actual contributions.

Comparable external salary data is of great reference value for the design of salary system.

As everyone knows, in a period of time, it is likely to rely on long-time overtime or not actually complete the corresponding workload to maintain the normal development of basic work.

If the original salary structure has no big problems, we can consider using it.

External research is mainly to understand the salary level of the same industry, the same region and the same position in the market, see whether the current salary has market competitiveness, and determine the current salary level and whether it can attract and retain talents.

It is relatively easy to obtain the internal salary status, and can basically conduct systematic analysis according to the existing financial data.

Salary research is divided into internal research and external research.

Generally, the allocation scheme is formulated by the project manager and submitted to the relevant departments of the company for approval.

The salary structure is generally divided into three parts: post salary, performance bonus and welfare allowance.

The project management personnel of general construction enterprises adopt the post rank salary system, some working personnel adopt the lump sum salary system, and special personnel will adopt the agreed salary system.

The performance bonus of project managers includes quarterly award, node cash award, project end cash award, year-end performance cash award, special award, etc; Welfare allowance refers to the benefits enjoyed by employees according to law and the special subsidies and supplementary benefits provided by the company.

The evaluation should be comprehensive and multidimensional as far as possible, including the basic knowledge and skills required by the post, work experience requirements, management ability requirements, overall impact on the company, etc.

  Carry out post analysis, sort out the relative value of all posts in the company, and determine the post value through scientific joint evaluation.


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