How to design the employee performance appraisal system of building structure engineering design enterprises?

They have more knowledge and use it as a tool to make a living.

This paper analyzes the characteristics of employees in engineering design enterprises, the current situation of performance appraisal and the problems existing in the implementation process of appraisal, adopts the method of combining key performance indicators and 360 degree performance appraisal, designs a performance appraisal system suitable for engineering design enterprises, promotes the combination of employee performance appraisal and enterprise strategic objectives, and ensures the rapid development of enterprises and employees 1 – current situation of performance appraisal of engineering design enterprises under the influence of the planned economic system, engineering design enterprises have their own exclusive industry characteristics.

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As the appraisal object, knowledge employees have significantly different characteristics from ordinary employees in personality, ability and behavior.

The main characteristics of engineering design enterprises are that there are many knowledge workers, the proportion of highly educated employees is large, and they carry out production and operation with strong professional technology.


Performance feedback is very important for the effective operation of performance appraisal system and is one of the important steps of performance management process.

The design of performance appraisal indicators is unreasonable, the information is unequal, the performance appraisal standard indicators are general, the appraisal indicators are lack of quantification, and the evaluation still focuses on the aspects of “morality, ability, diligence, performance and honesty”.

In the era of competitive knowledge economy, accurate performance evaluation for knowledge workers will help improve staff’s personal ability and work efficiency, inspire employees to make greater contributions to enterprises, and then enhance the core competitiveness of the whole enterprise.

According to the nature of the enterprise and the characteristics of employees, building a scientific and effective performance appraisal system has become an important task faced by many engineering design enterprises.

Many enterprises learn from the performance appraisal models of foreign public departments and enterprise organizations in the concept of performance management, but they still use the traditional performance appraisal methods and ideas in the implementation process.


Their main characteristics are as follows: first, knowledge workers take knowledge as capital and have the characteristics of personalization, diversification and innovation; Second, knowledge workers have certain professional expertise and personal ability characteristics of independence, autonomy and strong innovation ability; Third, knowledge workers pay attention to personal ability and have the psychological and behavioral characteristics of paying attention to self-achievement and spiritual satisfaction 3 – problems in performance appraisal of engineering design enterprises ▌ 1 With backward performance management ideas and low employee participation, engineering design enterprises have gradually formed a unique corporate culture and reward and punishment system in the long development process.

Subjective factors have a great impact, which is very prone to one-sided and unfair judgment.

As the appraisal object, employees even do not understand the appraisal contents and standards, resulting in the lack of recognition of performance appraisal by employees.

At present, many enterprises only regard performance appraisal as a management activity, too much emphasis on subjective impression and past experience, the role of supervision and control of the appraisal system is greater than that of incentive and encouragement, and lack of scientific analysis on the potential and career development direction of employees 2 – the main characteristics of knowledge workers in engineering design enterprises Peter Drucker believes that knowledge workers refer to those who master concepts and symbols and use knowledge and information to complete their work.

Knowledge workers have strong independence and autonomy, their working ability and professional level can not be objectively evaluated, and they are prone to hostile working attitude in their future work.


After the performance appraisal, the department head did not carefully analyze the appraisal results and timely communicate and feed back with the employees, did not use the performance appraisal results to help the employees improve their working ability, professional level and comprehensive quality, did not make the employees feel the importance of the enterprise to the employees, and it was difficult to realize the incentive and stimulation to the employees, As a result, the performance appraisal objectives cannot be achieved.

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The key performance indicator method and 360 degree performance appraisal method are effectively combined, the personal career development and enterprise strategic objectives are combined, and the performance appraisal of knowledge-based employees is carried out by combining quantitative indicators and qualitative indicators.

In the assessment process, only the year-end summary materials of employees are used as the reference basis, and the real performance of employees in their daily work is not mastered.

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The subject of performance appraisal is composed of the department head, project leader, project participants and themselves..

The publicity and implementation of important information such as the application of performance appraisal objectives, standards and results are not in place.

Performance appraisal subject the performance appraisal subject shall be familiar with the work content, work nature and daily work performance of the appraisee, be familiar with and master the performance appraisal standards, and have the ability to convert the observation results into evaluation information and the quality of objectivity and impartiality.

The work performance of knowledge-based employees has both quantifiable and difficult to quantify.

– 4 – Design of performance appraisal system for engineering design enterprises ▌ 1 Performance appraisal methods in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, engineering design enterprises have established innovative R & D and academic and scientific research institutions with knowledge employees as the core, and gradually formed a production and operation mode of combining industry, University and research.

The operation of performance appraisal is not standardized and lacks performance feedback.

They are knowledge intensive enterprises, and their employees are typical knowledge employees.


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