[recruitment by Lu Liang] Yunnan Longhao architectural decoration Co., Ltd

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Master the reading of construction drawings, draw simple plane, elevation and node construction performance drawings, put forward suggestions on construction drawing design, and have the ability of drawing review and good material selection; 4.

the company mainly focuses on home decoration and tooling, with a good working atmosphere and a lot of welfare benefits.

Job responsibilities: 1.

Be familiar with project operation process and project design system, and display technology and process materials; 3.

Have better aesthetic standard and spatial design performance ability, be proficient in various drawing software 3DMAX, CAD, Photoshop and other software, be able to use sketch master and pano2vr, and be able to make various three-dimensional models; 2.

Have a good understanding of the overall planning scheme of the project, complete the drawing performance required by the design director, cooperate with the director to coordinate the development of content planning, graphic design, construction drawing design and exhibition design, and provide work guidance and training for assistant designers; Contact: working address 1: No.

Recruitment number: unlimited number, salary: 5000-10000 yuan, welfare: food, 8-hour working system, telephone compensation, minimum salary, performance bonus, flexible work and year-end bonus, Employees travel without overtime and receive free training.

Those who want to make money can actively participate in 3D / 3D design / production.

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138, Yanhe street, Luliang County, Qujing City.


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