How can a construction site become a garbage collection and distribution center

Dilapidated squatting toilets, Mats and all kinds of domestic garbage are everywhere, which is incompatible with the establishment of a national civilized city in our county.

There was no such thing before.

It is hoped that relevant departments will attach great importance to it and clean it in time to ensure that every Sicheng resident can celebrate the new year in a clean and comfortable environment.

In recent years, with the accelerating pace of urban construction in our county, tower cranes stand everywhere and tall buildings rise from the ground.

Reporter: it’s a holiday.

What’s going on? On the morning of January 20, according to enthusiastic citizens, the reporter from the column group of our “exposure platform for uncivilized behavior” came to the construction site on the north side of Wo overseas Chinese in the North First Ring Road to interview.

This is the Xuefeng home phase III project under construction.

Although the building walls are tightly enclosed with green iron sheets, there are weeds everywhere outside the walls, and there are construction waste, medical waste, dilapidated toilets and domestic waste everywhere, which seems to have become a new garbage dump.

This will certainly happen (there is too much garbage).

There is no one (cleaning) during this period.

They said that they would organize manpower and machinery as soon as possible to remove the garbage on the site and provide a good and comfortable living environment for the general public.

In order to make our beautiful Sicheng living environment more comfortable and civilized city more beautiful.

After we find out now, we will immediately organize excavators and manpower to clean up before work today, so that the people can celebrate the new year cleanly.

At this time, some construction sites are so dirty and messy, which should not be allowed.

Person in charge of the construction site: there were special cleaning personnel in the past, but now there is a holiday before the new year.

Do you feel too dirty? Person in charge of the construction site: (before the holiday) at the end of each team, each team (responsible for cleaning) one person and one vehicle (garbage), and the previous teams also helped clean it.

Later, the production (work) of the team was withdrawn, and no one cleaned it.

Reporter: it’s too dirty.

See you next time! (Zhang Jiashi, Zhang awei, he Pengcheng, Li Hu) comprehensive: Sixian financial media center , editor of this issue: Zou Jiale first instance: Liu Lingyu second instance: Shan Shan final instance: Han Jun submission email: Now that you’ve seen it, just order “watching”!..

There used to be special cleaning (personnel).

Wire Lifting Loop

Well, thank you for watching this program.

In a migrant workers’ dormitory to the north of the site gate, the scenery behind is even more messy and terrible.

In view of the dirty, messy and poor construction site of Xuefeng home reflected by enthusiastic citizens, the County Construction Office attaches great importance to it and specially arranges the staff of Sixian demolition office to inspect the site and study the solutions on the site.

We also call on relevant communities and health authorities to remove them in time to ensure that every Sicheng resident can celebrate the new year in a clean and comfortable environment.

Coincidentally, on a construction site on the north side of Yulan vegetable market in our county, although the fence was made of iron sheet, the reporter found that there were domestic garbage thrown in by citizens everywhere in the fence.

Li Yang, deputy director of the third Institute of demolition affairs of Sixian County: in view of the construction site in the north of wohua bridge, we found that people dumped (this) construction waste and domestic waste privately.

Where does so much rubbish come from? Person in charge of the construction site: there are more than ten days before the holiday.

Then, the reporter went into the iron fence to interview.

At the South Gate of the construction site, in front of a “Shuxin restaurant” that has not been completely demolished, the garbage cans, scrap cars, waste paper scraps and domestic garbage piles are full, which is really unsightly.

Plastic bags, egg shells and instant noodle boxes are piled up like a mountain and stink.

Reporter: this (garbage) should be thrown out by the site workers? Person in charge of the construction site: some workers may throw some here.

Under the red banner of “connecting the hearts of the military and the government, the military and the people, and uniting to build a double support city”, the domestic garbage such as paper scraps and empty plastic bottles can be seen everywhere and dirty everywhere.

At present, it is a critical period for our county to build a national civilized city.

For a long time, slowly for ten days and a half months, there is no one to manage.

Departments at all levels and the general public are working hard and going all out to create a city.

However, recently, enthusiastic citizens reported to this column that there are garbage everywhere inside and outside the walls of construction sites in some communities in the urban area, and urine and urine can be seen everywhere, which is detrimental to the civilized city image of our county.

There is more than ten days before the holiday (there is a lot of garbage).


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