The Spanish style building in Los Angeles is located in Beverly Hills for $1.85 million

It was built in 1929, with an indoor area of 1815 square feet, a land area of 6503 square feet, a real estate tax of US $1187 / month, and an expected rent of US $8786 / month.

The price is US $1.85 million, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The tenants cover a wide range and the house rental rate is very high.

Add Miss Han wechat for more information   Jessicahsn66 American daily life, daily house viewing by guests, the latest short messages of the project, etc.

Our company has a strong local agent team in the United States.

The three spacious bedrooms have multiple French doors leading to the artist’s backyard, central air conditioning, nest thermostat, embedded lighting, outdoor kitchen and driveway with doors.

Enjoy the design of the double rotunda as you enter the enclosed front terrace and the magnificent stepped living room with arched beam ceiling, French windows and fireplace.

Don’t miss the beautiful home in the ideal place.

Guests who intend to purchase second-hand houses should prepare overseas bank accounts and overseas US dollars not less than 50% of the house price in advance.

There is a private lattice terrace next to the master’s room, and the whole hotel has a kitchen and bathroom.

They are all built by large American developers; For second-hand houses, due to foreign exchange control, it is not easy for large funds to leave the country in a short time.

The team members are proficient in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese.

It is the only beautiful single family villa community in Orlando that “looks down from the top and looks down the mountain”.

It is suitable for investment and self residence! Nana, show you the house! High quality school district! Next to Disney! Orlando storeygrove smart home townhouse! The total price of each set starts from US $250000!..

Google maps is only 19 minutes’ drive from downtown Los Angeles, 13 minutes’ drive from Hollywood amphitheater, 6 minutes’ drive from Los Angeles County Art Museum, 2 minutes’ drive from department store, school situation 6 / 10 rosewood Avenue Elementary School, Schoolforadvanced studiesgrades: k-6distance: 0.4mi6/10johnboroughsmiddleschoolgrades: 6-8distance: 2.2mi6/10fairfaxsenior highschoolgrades: 9-12distance: 0.7mi American real estate consulting, American local showings reception, please contact us directly.

Other features include details of the entire period, including arches, French windows, hardwood floors, foundation and coronal lines, embedded, master bathroom with independent shower and soaking bathtub, beautiful character rich Spanish and Beverly Hills houses.

we will also send them on the “American West” microblog in time.

The golden high-quality school district of waterleigh light luxury villa in the rich area of Orlando is 5 minutes away from the world’s largest Disney, the king of storeylake resort! The nearest resort to Orlando Disney, single family villa! Windsor Island, Orlando Windsor Island Light luxury resort villa is the world’s largest Disney next door rental income of 9% super good rental! The total price of tuskawalla crosses of Orlando high-quality school district villa project is 310000   Orlando storeypark high-quality school district villa is the second largest medical urban area in the United States.

Oh, more high-quality housing projects are recommended: ACE short rent vacation house! Solara luxury villa in Orlando, enjoy colorful vacation life, Orlando storeypark high-quality school district villa, the second largest medical urban area in the United States, suitable for investment and self residence! From $290000! The new community ardenparknorth is built around the giant lake.

There are many first-hand second-hand housing projects in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Houston, Orlando, Dallas and other cities.

Combination Wing Nut

This fashionable house perfectly combines architectural beauty with modern facilities.

The large central formal dining room is connected to a new kitchen equipped with stainless steel equipment, granite counter and breakfast room.

  Our first-hand housing projects have low down payment and can be loaned.

We have our own leasing team, which operates both long-term and short-term leases.


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