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I had this pleasant attempt.

It can be found for thousands of times, but the original shape information of the ship can not be found.

He gained a sense of affinity and familiarity in art, Zen and nature.

The pebbles and bluestones are paved with local materials.

     The step design of the entrance of the overhead building is an important stroke to reflect the architectural style and personality.

The following buildings all adopt cooperation of this nature.

He looked hard and vicissitudes, looked firm and solemn, and his slightly Xi nose wings looked happy and sincere, and his open lips seemed to be chanting words.

Special thanks..

On the West facade of the art museum, bronze sculptures with strong folk customs are placed on the central axis of the empty frame facade, forming a harmonious and vivid picture with the relief facade of local folk houses.

The central axis is clear and symmetrical.

The junction between architecture and mountain is often the hard and soft junction between nature and man-made.

The texture of the sleeves flying in the wind is naturally rough and dynamic, floating like water and clouds, full of immortality.

     The migrant workers boldly gave me an out and out local step, locally chiseled stones, plain cement handrails and entrance eaves with strong folk customs, a very rustic entrance treatment, modest, peaceful, simple and lovely, which is tacit and seamless with the main building.

The picture is common and strange.

The bronze statue leaned forward and worshipped in the direction of Putuo Mountain.

Huie square is an inseparable art composed of architecture and sculpture.

The pagoda composed of 100 Guanyin statues has the right to be the mast, and the Huie deeds exhibition hall behind the square is the cabin.

The pebbles paved on the ground with lotus patterns create the symbolic scene of “Lotus blocking the way, the boat can’t go” in the story, which describes that hui’e crossed the East and invited Guanyin to return home, leaving a sense of century of “refusing to go to Guanyin hospital” on Putuo Mountain.

The original plan can only be abandoned to make a metaphorical scene layout.) the bronze statue of Huie sits on a huge reef made of cement, which means the bow of the ship.

Therefore, the white walls, gold and bronze sculptures and the green mountains show a unity of elegance, nobility, simplicity and nature.

Because of the memorial day monk, the square absorbs the elements of dry landscape in Japan.

The bronze statue is 2.5m high and 1.4m wide with its base, He opened his face with the chaotic and atmospheric Chinese traditional clay pottery technique.

Monk hui’e had a square head and big ears.

(originally, it was planned to copy and cast the sailboat Huie took 1200 years ago in tin bronze to make a magnificent monument sculpture.

This is an original and avant-garde way that no owner or designer can implement.

They are not only different from religion and nature, but also recognized by folk customs as religion and nature.

Short Waved Anchor

In front of the sea directly opposite the bronze statue of hui’e, I set up a pier thick stone tablet: “the sea and sky we see in front of us is the sea and sky hui’e saw in those years”.

After repeated conception, I directly handed over the step design and construction to the migrant workers.

Space and time suddenly compressed and closed here.

How to be frugal and beautiful is up to you.” I hope to embody the same creative technique as Zen painting, from intentional to unintentional and then into intentional.

The axis composed of hundred pagodas and bronze statues is facing the giant Guanyin statue of Putuo mountain opposite the lotus ocean.

I hope God will do it, “you do it yourself! You have the right to repair this corner step in your own home.

In order to avoid rough and abrupt, I use the original sea Tung and mountain grass to naturally dissolve the bronze arhat sculpture into the mountain and extend it to the wall.

     In my heart, I quietly told hui’e that today, thousands of years later, the sound of lotus ocean waves remains the same, and more than 100 Guanyin in the 100 pagodas behind you will always cross Fusang with you to fulfill your long cherished wish.

Whenever the rising sun rises in the East, the figure of the hundred Buddha pagoda will pass through the front door and back door of the building behind the central axis and extend on the hillside behind the building.

History clearly warns me that most of the buildings springing up in these new cities are a batch of construction waste 30 years later, and the works of those folk craftsmen are still close to the earth and singing eternal songs.

The facade of the building still adopts the plane relief treatment of the art museum in order to echo and unify the architectural style of the whole island.


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