Prefabricated buildings to build a “green future”

Lai Zhongyi, chief engineer of Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., said that the construction speed of huoshenshan hospital is the best embodiment of China’s speed.

He believes that the core of the development of intelligent assembly construction industry is to vigorously strengthen the training and reserve of technical talents in all links, and establish relevant standards and norms of the industry.

Feng Jingbang, engineer of the Technology Department of the company, introduced: “The large bridge u-ribbed plate rib welding and assembly robot behind me has the maximum processing capacity of a single component, with a length of more than 16 meters and a width of 4.5 meters, which can realize the welding and assembly of a two-way eight lane bridge.” Prefabricated steel structure has been widely used in civil, industrial, public, municipal and other fields because of its high strength and good seismic performance.

Among them, the newly started prefabricated buildings in Taiyuan are 3.367 million square meters, accounting for 25.48%.

Since it was completed and put into operation for more than two years, Huazhao southeast green construction has undertaken key projects such as the steel truss building bearing plate of Zhangjiakou Beijing Winter Olympic Games ice and snow town project, the reconstruction and expansion of Terminal T3 of Yuncheng airport, and has become an important model for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry in Shanxi Province.

In addition to the fast construction speed, prefabricated buildings also have the characteristics of green and energy saving.

Second, we should promote industrialization and reduce production costs, improve construction efficiency, improve construction quality and realize high quality without high price through industrial integration.

The house type design, body shape design and facade design of buildings can realize corresponding personalization.

Compared with the traditional construction methods, fabricated structures are not affected by bad weather and the construction period is more controllable.

In the future, personalized customization and flexible customization are a major direction of the development of prefabricated buildings.

Diversified application is an effective way to realize construction industrialization.

In one sentence, the construction process can be summarized as “doing things high above the ground, doing things outdoors, doing things indoors and doing dangerous things by machines” Tian Jing, deputy general manager of Shanxi construction investment Yuanda Construction Industry Co., Ltd., said that the construction errors of cast-in-situ concrete structures are often measured in centimeters, while the errors of fabricated building components are measured in millimeters.

Behind the amazing “China speed” is the rise of “China assembly” power.

The current practice is actually to meet personalized needs through diversified combinations on the basis of standardization.

Internationally, modular buildings have experienced from standardization, diversification and industrialization In addition, after 50 years of development, a complete system has been formed from design, production, transportation, installation and other links to achieve high life Production efficiency, high quality standards, high-speed logistics and rich net profit of products.

The vigorous development of prefabricated buildings has increased As a national strategy, the support from the national level to the provincial level is very strong.

Among them, the proportion of newly started prefabricated buildings in Shanghai is 91.7%, 40.2% in Beijing, and more than 30% in Tianjin, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Hainan Province.

Lai Zhongyi said: “The prefabricated components or parts used in prefabricated buildings are produced in the factory through automatic production lines and accurately controlled by computers, which eliminates the waste of materials.

In 2020, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key areas will promote new development The proportion of newly started prefabricated buildings in China is 54.6%.

Third, in the early stage of development , it must be guided and supported by the government.

How to make prefabricated buildings both good and popular? Zhou Cui Finn believes that first, we should promote project construction and bring high-quality, high-efficiency and low-energy buildings through standardized, industrialized and refined production, so that everyone can be convinced.

So, what is a prefabricated building? Zhou cuifen, director of the building energy conservation and science and Technology Department of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, introduced that the prefabricated building is a change in the traditional construction method.

All manufacturing processes depend on numerical control technology, and the data of components are collected in the vehicle BIM information management platform center, a smart brain in the workshop, can realize the whole process management of workshop processing components, generate corresponding QR codes for each component, and track them in real time through the system.

Create a new business card for green development.

In addition to the earth excavation and concrete cushion on site, the superstructure facilities are all manufactured in the factory and then installed on site.

At present, 18 production bases of parts and components have been built and put into operation in our province, The production capacity has reached 18.7 million square meters, which can basically meet the needs of the development of prefabricated buildings in our province.

At the beginning of 2020, hundreds of millions of Internet users “cloud supervisor” for 24 hours to cheer for the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital and leishenshan hospital.

However, in the early stage of development, due to the relatively small scale, the advantages and scale effects of industrialized and industrialized production have not been fully reflected.

Zhou cuifen said that in recent years, the basic capacity of the prefabricated construction industry in our province, that is, the design, production and construction capacity, has been greatly improved.

Concrete structure residential projects are encouraged to adopt prefabricated horizontal components, and continuously improve the level of assembly rate according to the principle of horizontal before vertical.

The action plan for the creation of green buildings in Shanxi Province issued by Shanxi in 2020 It is proposed to speed up the construction of prefabricated building industrial bases and projects, and vigorously develop prefabricated buildings such as steel structures.

Prefabricated buildings need to formulate standardized operating procedures, so how to realize the personalization of prefabricated buildings on the premise of standardization Lai Zhongyi said that standardization and personalization are relative and not contradictory.

In more than 10 days, two hospitals have sprung up.

Decrypt the assembly “password”.

Prefabricated buildings are an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

In the implementation opinions on vigorously developing prefabricated buildings issued by our province, there are many preferential policies to promote diversified applications from “manual” labor to advanced “assembly line” Production and fabricated buildings have realized the leap of production mode.

In 2020, 8.2252 million square meters of new prefabricated buildings were started in Shanxi Province, accounting for 18.7% of the newly-built building area in cities and towns.

In the workshop of Shanxi Xiaohe Construction Industry Co., Ltd., technicians walk through the equipment and are checking the weld nondestructive flaw detection and flatness of box girders.

It is a building that transfers a large number of on-site operations to the factory, prefabricates some or all components and accessories of the building in the factory, and then transports them to the construction site for assembly.

At the same time, some bases can also radiate and serve the surrounding provinces.

According to the implementation opinions on vigorously developing prefabricated buildings issued by the provincial government , 2021-2025 is a period of popularization and application for the development of prefabricated buildings in our province.

During this period, prefabricated buildings in our province will gradually become one of the main construction methods, and the proportion of prefabricated buildings in the new construction area will increase by more than 3 percentage points every year..

On June 4, in the fabricated steel structure workshop of Yuncheng Huazhao southeast green construction company, several 20 ton cranes, hanging huge steel parts, moved back and forth in the wide workshop.

Lifting Socket

By 2025, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in Shanxi will reach 30% of new buildings.

After being transported to the site, the bulk building materials such as sand, stone, brick and water mud used in traditional construction are abandoned in the assembly process, reducing construction waste.

The components of prefabricated buildings can also be reused Compared with traditional methods, prefabricated buildings can reduce 70% of construction waste, 60% of wood, 55% of cement mortar and 25% of water consumption during construction.


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