A fire broke out in a high-rise building in Jianyang because

Improve the fire awareness of all staff and enhance self-protection awareness.

The drill was successfully completed.

Safety awareness should always be vigilant.

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After the fire drill, all departments and units participating in the drill carefully summarized the experience and lessons of the drill, found problems and deficiencies, strengthened business and technical training in combination with existing personnel, equipment and equipment, focused on actual combat, replaced training with war and promoted war with training, and continuously improved the scientificity, effectiveness and professionalism of rescue and rescue.

Prevention is the core.

Suddenly! A “fire” occurred on the 9th floor of a unit building in a community.

After the search and rescue team rescued the trapped people, the internal attack team launched an offensive, quickly sprayed water through the window, combined inside and outside, and the water column quickly put out the fire.

This is the scene of the fire fighting and rescue drill of high-rise buildings organized by our city recently.

With the orderly evacuation of the crowd from the unit building, the municipal fire rescue brigade established a rescue headquarters on site according to the fire emergency response plan of high-rise buildings to uniformly command the fire fighting and rescue forces and coordinate all participating units.

Fire disposal and personnel rescue are imminent.

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In case of fire, the emergency plan for fire accidents of high-rise buildings, the emergency rescue ability and the cooperation and combat ability of relevant departments are facing challenges.

In this rescue drill, all participating units performed their respective duties, stormed close combat, standardized operation and scientific disposal, and completed the fire fighting task as soon as possible.

Thick smoke billowed and the fire spread rapidly to the 10th and 11th floors, blocking the safe passage to the downstairs.

In order to establish and improve the city’s emergency linkage disposal mechanism, improve the emergency rescue disposal ability, and prepare for emergency rescue ideologically, organizationally and materially, To minimize casualties and property losses and reduce the social impact caused by emergency disasters, our city takes high-rise building fire fighting as the carrier to simulate the organization and implementation of emergency rescue.

The audience at the scene shouted “awesome” and applauded.

Then, the street office and community staff arrived at the site to assist the property personnel in the initial fire disposal, and set up resettlement points in the safe area to resettle the evacuated people.

With the rapid development of the city, the number of high-rise buildings is increasing day by day.

At the actual combat scene, after the “fire” occurred, the property staff in the community called the police at the first time, the personnel in the fire control room immediately sounded the alarm, started the pump room, and sent three people to evacuate the personnel in the fire building, and two people with fire extinguishers to the 9th floor for initial fire treatment.

The success of this drill not only verified the scientificity and practicability of the city’s high-rise building fire accident emergency plan, but also tested the city’s high-rise building fire accident emergency rescue ability and the cooperation and combat ability of relevant departments, trained the team, accumulated practical experience, and further improved the safety awareness, responsibility awareness and overall awareness of cadres and employees.

At the same time, public security, health, housing and construction, water, ecological environment, publicity, electric power, gas and other departments and units also rushed to the scene to carry out relevant disposal work.

People were trapped at the scene.

Based on the principle that time is life, the investigation and search and rescue personnel were dispatched to enter the fire site at the first time, and the trapped people were rescued respectively through internal attack and rescue and lifting the periphery of the platform vehicle.


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