Full sprint! The construction company actively deploys the activity of “big training and big assessment”

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In the next step, the company will continue to strictly implement the “big training and big assessment” Requirements, and take this as an opportunity to strive to improve the safety management ability of managers and the safety production awareness of all employees of the company, use chemistry, eliminate hidden dangers, and provide a more solid safety guarantee for the high-quality development of the company.

Partwo centralized training improves the efficiency of knowledge absorption.

Editor of China Railway Erju Group Construction Co., Ltd.: Li Sijia reviewed by: Chang Fusong organizer: Party committee of China Railway Erju construction company..

All units of the company have formulated systematic and scientific training plans according to the requirements of relevant documents of the group company, reasonably arranged the training time, and set special training programs while organically combining the content of teaching materials with the characteristics of the project Key issues discussion, classroom quiz, after-school summary and other links have been set to achieve planned, targeted and key learning, so as to help employees further improve the absorption efficiency of safety production knowledge.

“Have you started reading the teaching materials?” “not yet, no time.” “just ignore me.

All units of the company carry out centralized training parthree self-discipline self-study to create a strong learning atmosphere.

Safety production needs to be paid constant attention to, and create a “everyone learns safety and everyone stresses safety” The good atmosphere will help enterprises to establish a more perfect long-term mechanism for safety production.

Recently, employees took advantage of the afternoon and evening rest to take up safety production training The situation of carefully sketching and taking notes in the teaching materials has become a beautiful scenery for the headquarters of the company and all units.

I saw you just secretly taking notes in the teaching materials!” Through self-discipline self-study, employees of the company’s non production system also have a deeper understanding of various safety production knowledge.

Recently, the construction company once again responded to the latest arrangement of the group company and actively carried out “big training and big assessment” of safety production Activities and multiple measures were taken simultaneously to set off an upsurge of work safety education and learning throughout the company.

The headquarters and all units of the company equipped each employee with paper and electronic learning materials, and carried out “big training and big assessment” through activity kick-off meeting, textbook distribution ceremony and other forms The activities have been uniformly and intensively deployed to effectively improve the employees’ attention to the safety production assessment.

During the whole staff sprint, the construction company actively deployed the activity of “big training and big assessment” and “Hey, have you started preparing for the examination?” “not yet, there are a lot of contents, I don’t know where to start.” “this examination fails to meet the standard, but the performance salary will be deducted.” “so exciting! Then I’ll start to study hard.” since the group company started safety production Since the “big training and big disclosure” activity, the construction company of China Railway Erju has made vigorous deployment, strictly implemented the relevant requirements of the activity, and achieved certain results in safety production.

At the same time, a good atmosphere of learning and catching up among employees is formed, which further strengthens the learning effect.

PartOne made a unified deployment to strengthen the attention of all employees.

Self study is consolidated.


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