The Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development held a site observation meeting on the quality and safety of construction in the

Chu Shengjun, member of the Party committee and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the observation meeting, comrade Chu Shengjun stressed:   one    The city’s construction sites should deeply draw lessons from accidents inside and outside the province this year, strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, and earnestly strengthen the quality and safety management of construction.

The participants carefully observed the construction quality and safety standardization display, model display and project entity display of the project, and learned the experience and practices of the project in intelligent supervision, green construction, quality and safety insurance and Party Construction in combination with exhibition boards and videos, which benefited a lot.

The on-site observation meeting was hosted by the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development and undertaken by China 17th Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd.

  three    Each project shall earnestly welcome the inspection in accordance with the requirements of the notice on carrying out the supervision and random inspection of “double random and one open” for the quality and safety (dust pollution prevention and control) of construction projects in the province in 2021 (JZH [2021] No.


More than 140 persons in charge of housing and construction departments in counties, districts and parks, and project leaders of main construction sites under construction, construction and supervision units in the city participated in the event.

On the morning of September 18, the city’s on-site observation meeting on construction quality and safety was held at the project site of the technical center building of China 17th Metallurgical Group.

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  two    All units shall conscientiously implement the holiday duty and leader shift inspection system, comprehensively carry out hidden danger investigation on the construction site, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and ensure construction safety during holidays.


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