Football mathematics vs architecture

Beautiful intersperses, subtle assists, fatal shots and struggling saves all reflect the importance of football The ultimate charm of sports.

“Finally, the game ended with a draw between the men’s football team of mathematics department and the men’s football team of Architecture Department.

I look forward to your better running“.

“” the athletes of our department showed unity and fraternity in the competition.

The participating players are all in high spirits and gallop on this passionate and dancing field.

They demonstrated struggle and hard work, strengthened the fighting spirit of the players and ignited the war on the field.

Next, Xiaobian will show you the wonderful duel between the Department of mathematics and the Department of architecture.

on November 1.

Lifting Eye

“Click the blue word to follow our football match   faculty of Mathematics  / The long-awaited football match of the Department of architecture on November 1, 2021 / 11 / 01 began at 16:40 p.m.


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