The beauty of Chinese architecture is appreciated by hanging fish

Since then, Yangxu has the nickname of “hanging fish Taishou”, and “hanging fish” has become an allusion to being an official and honest, which is often cited.

The story of hanging fish, hanging fish, is written in the book of the later Han Dynasty: the prime minister tasted and offered his raw fish, and continued to receive it and hung in the court; The empress Cheng went in again and continued to go out.

Just like “sparrow substitution” and “bucket arch”, it not only reflects the structural needs, but also reflects the role of decoration.

When Yang continued to be the prefect, the prefect gave him a valuable big fish in order to get in touch with him.

Some also add lotus flowers to pray for “more than fish for even (Lotus) years”, “more than fish for auspicious celebrations”, etc.

Some even changed into bats to get the meaning of “blessing”.

Yang Xu showed the fish hanging in the courtyard to the prime minister and declined.

The implication of hanging fish is a classic decorative element of Chinese ancient architecture.

The one hanging in front of him was Du Qiyi! It’s about the Eastern Han Dynasty, when quanhao’s family was extravagant and beautiful.

Hanging fish are mostly carved from wood, with exquisite carving, low-key luxury and rich connotation, with a variety of shapes and meanings.

He thought that if he didn’t accept it, he might sweep the face of the prime minister.

Because it was originally fish shaped and hung from the top of the mountain, it was called “hanging fish”.

Whether it is implication or technology, hanging fish is an amazing stroke in Chinese ancient architecture! In the development of hanging fish decoration, the image of fish has gradually become abstract and simplified.

Some hanging fish components are carved with two fish whose tails intersect, with the word “water” on it, implying “Pisces Festival”.

They were awed by him and never dared to give gifts again.

Hanging fish is a kind of architectural decoration.

Yang Xu was very embarrassed.

Changes of hanging fish in ancient buildings, hanging fish are common in various forms, such as “blessing, wealth, wealth, happiness and longevity”, the combination of money shape and bat (blessing in front of you), ten thousand character pattern (ten thousand virtues and auspiciousness), and so on.

With the development of the times, the form of hanging fish on the roof ridge purlin of folk houses continues to evolve, and is no longer limited to fish, but into various traditional Chinese patterns and carving shapes such as flower basket, lotus, cirrus Ruyi and so on.

In addition, the image of hanging fish not only has the indirect meaning of water, but also uses its homonym to take auspicious meaning: fish, Yu and Yu.

Moreover, he was also kind; If you accept it, you are afraid that others will follow suit after they know it.

The existence of hanging fish strengthens the integrity of the wind board at the gable, making it more firm and durable.

On the one hand, because most ancient people were wooden structures, houses were afraid of fire, and fish were things in the water, symbolizing water and conquering fire.

The picture of “hanging fish” in the construction method sure enough, Fu Cheng thought that Yang Xu accepted the fish and soon sent the fish again.

It is mostly carved from wood.

Short Waved Anchor

So he had an idea and took the fish, but he didn’t eat or give it away, but “hung the fish in the court”.

No matter how small the craft is, it also has its own value.

It is located under the Bo Feng board on the mountain surface at both ends of the hanging mountain or Xie mountain building and hangs on the main ridge.

The county officials were surprised and frightened.

Its modeling forms are also increasingly rich and changeable, such as symmetrical, balanced, freestyle and other traditional Chinese patterns and carving modeling, but it is still called hanging fish..

At the same time, the fish shape has the meaning of surplus every year; Fish have many children, which also reflects the meaning of people praying for more children and grandchildren! Some hanging fish shapes have the word “water” directly, combined with “fish” and “Lotus”, which deepens the meaning of “water conquering fire” and explains people’s good wishes for peace and auspiciousness.

Various forms of decoration have emerged.


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